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Partnership Action Team Toolkit: Question 2

How does an Action Team Help a School Strengthen and Sustain Partnerships?

Many positive encounters happen among families and school staff every day, often brief and impromptu. A Partnership Action Team makes it possible for those encounters to be well-planned, long-lasting, and connected to learning. The Action Team extends those benefits not just to parents who happen to "bump into" a teacher in the school hallway, but to the family members of all children in the school.

The Action Team for Partnerships is a committee of educators, parents, and community partners who work together to engage all families and the community in children's learning. Parent involvement is no longer left to chance or to one parent or educator, but becomes a program of family and community involvement planned and implemented by the Action Team for Partnerships.

Together, parents, teachers, administrators, and others write and carry out plans for family and community involvement that achieve targeted results for students, families, and the school as a whole. Action Team members, which may include students and community members, review school goals, design partnership practices, and evaluate how well their plans improved family and community involvement for the school.

No matter where families come from, where they live, or what languages they speak, the work of the ATP can help the school create and sustain a welcoming climate and useful strategies for families of all cultures and economic circumstance so more students reach goals for learning and success.


  • Joyce Epstein, director, National Network of Partnership Schools Video


  • PowerPoint presentation Slides 1-9 in pdf format.





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