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Partnership Action Team Toolkit: Question 3

How can the Action Team help children do better in school?

The Partnership Action Team has the distinct ability and mission to connect families to children's learning in planned and structured ways that allow children to achieve school goals. Meeting regularly (1-2 times per month), family members and school staff can use school data to target achievement gaps and design a One-Year Action Plan (link to 1-year action plan at to address areas needing attention. The One-Year Action Plan describes efforts and activities to specifically welcome and enrich family involvement in their children's learning throughout the year.

For example, an Action Team seeking to improve reading test scores may consider numerous ways to involve families in children's reading both at home, at school, and in the community. Perhaps the team will


  • Plan for families to read nightly to/with children
  • Offer an October workshop for families on how to help children read more and better
  • Host several Family Reading Nights at school with a simple supper and learning games that families play together
  • Offer Spanish language books and Hmong translators to families whose first language is not English
  • Distribute summer reading program materials from the local public library
  • Host an April community book drive to equip more homes with the raw materials of reading: books

Action Teams that focus in a concentrated way on studying what works, listening to and incorporating families' suggestions, and connecting partnership efforts to the school curriculum can improve student academic performance, research shows.

Partnership Action Teams in Wisconsin and nationwide who are members of the National Network of Partnership Schools, have worked to plan programs, improve teamwork, and create schools that increase children's learning and family involvement at the elementary, middle, and high school level in many areas.

  • Academic subjects in math, science, and reading and literacy
  • Student attitudes and behavior, such as improving health and safety, planning for college or careers, and increasing multicultural understanding
  • Strengthening the climate of partnerships at school to welcome all children and families






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