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Partnership Action Team Toolkit: Question 5

What are the Six Types of Partnerships that Action Teams use?

Researcher Joyce Epstein has identified six ways that schools can reach out to families and the community, known as The Six Types of Family-School-Community Partnerships. It's important to remember that every school most likely conducts partnership activities that include some of these types; and that each partnership activity may encompass more than one type. Schools with the most effective partnerships offer many opportunities for parents of every student to become involved.

Type 1: Parenting
Schools help families build parenting strengths and skills, and schools work to understand families. Schools strengthen parent networks and support systems so families can care for and guide their children. Type 1 Sample Practices and Challenges


Type 2: Two-Way Communicating

Develop effective ways for the school to communicate with individual families, as well as all families, and for families to communicate with the school. Type 2 Sample Practices and Challenges


Type 3: Volunteering

Gain participation from all families in children's learning at home and school and from the community-at-large. Type 3 Sample Practices and Challenges


Type 4: Learning at Home

Provide information for families on how they can help children learn, including skills students need to do well in each class at school, helping with homework and monitoring school progress, and making decisions about courses and curriculum. Also, responding to families' ideas and questions for encouraging learning at home, meeting families' needs, and involving families in curriculum-related decisions at school. Type 4 Sample Practices and Challenges


Type 5: Decision Making

Invite families to share power with school staff in making decisions about policies, practices, and programs. Develop parent leaders and empower parents as advocates for children. Type 5 Sample Practices and Challenges


Type 6: Collaborating with Community

Connect families to services and resources from the community; provide learning opportunities and services to the community. Type 6 Sample Practices and Challenges



Using the Six Types How can Action Teams use the Six Types to achieve school goals?






  • KM4: 20-60-20 rule of change 9:37 to 13:19


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