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Partnership Action Team Toolkit: Question 7

How Does A School Organize an Action Team?

The Action Team is a student success program and, as such, should be connected to the school's ongoing efforts to improve student learning. Action Team members identify activities and efforts that help families understand, support, and advance student learning, then write a "plan" for what is to happen in the school's One-Year Action Plan.

Joyce Epstein, director of the National Network of Partnership Schools, suggests that Action Teams choose a total of four goals to address during the year in the school's One-Year Partnership Action Plan:

  • Three school goals.
    • Two of the three school goals should promote academic subjects
    • One should advance behavioral goals for students.
  • One partnership-strengthening goal. The partnership-strengthening goal welcomes and invites families and community members to join the school's student-centered learning mission.

These goals should be connected to the school improvement plan, thereby connecting partnership efforts and families to school-wide goals for student learning. Some schools decide to begin with fewer goals in their One-Year Action Plan, and work up to four-goals.


A Partnership Action Team May Be Organized in One of Two Ways

By Improvement Goal
ATP members split into subcommittees for four school improvement goals for student success: two academic goals, one nonacademic goal, and one overall partnership goal for a welcoming school environment.

By Type of Involvement
The ATP forms six subcommittees or work groups. Each subcommittee designs and oversees activities for one of the Six Types of Involvement to support student success. The ATP meets as a whole team at least once a month to coordinate and monitor all activities. Subcommittees meet as needed to plan and implement activities in the One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships.



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