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Partnership Action Team Toolkit: Question 8

How does a school district organize an Action Team for Partnerships?

The Importance of District Leaders
Many school districts have effective, district-wide Action Teams. The National Network of Partnership Schools maintains that "district leaders for partnerships are needed to help all elementary, middle, and high schools establish teams, write plans, share best practices, and evaluate their programs of school, family, and community partnerships. Without a district leader responsible for family and community involvement, only some schools will strengthen and sustain their partnership programs and practices. With strong leadership, every school will welcome, inform, and engage parents in their children's education."

Action Teams Encompass the District
Districts use the same basic Action Team tools and strategies as schools, including the Six Types. Since most districts encompass more than one school building, however, Action Team members should represent families and staff from schools, neighborhoods, and student populations throughout the district.

Action Teams Drive Policy
With its built-in cadre of parents and other family members representing various schools, the Action Team can also be an excellent resource to help schools design and implement a district policy on family involvement. An effective district policy can ensure that all families in the district are able to participate in family involvement efforts and can establish a shared understanding among families and school staff of goals and expectations for all students.






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