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Annual Report / LibPAS Workshop Material

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Update 1/4/2017

As FY2016 is the first year collecting data about successful retrievals of electronic collections, we do not yet have the processes that will allow DPI to compile and prefill this data. Slides 13 and 17 of the presentation slides have been revised accordingly.

In November and December this year, PLD held four workshops about the public library annual report that included hands-on exercises in the online reporting system. "The 2016 Annual Report: Before, During, and After" covers these areas:

  • Public Library Services Funding Framework – The connection between annual reports and funding in Wisconsin
  • Annual Report Calendar – Report-related work and communication between libraries and Wisconsin DPI
  • Public Library Annual Report – What’s new, changed, or deleted • Typical rough spots
  • LibPAS Online Reporting System – Hands-on exercises: navigation, report process, comparison reports
  • Things to Remember – General guidance, checklist, and contacts

If you were unable to attend or would like to revisit the workshop material, a PDF file of the SCLS presentation slides is online. In the file, website and email links are live.

This workshop is available to any Wisconsin public library system that wants to invite PLD to give it. For more information, please contact

Written by Jamie McCanless, Public Library Development Team