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Final PLSR Report: COLAND Invites Input in Public Listening Sessions

Friday, March 15, 2019

Guest Post from COLAND Chair, Bryan McCormick

The Public Library System Redesign (PLSR) Steering Committee recently turned in the Final Recommendation Report to the State Superintendent, Ms. Carolyn Stanford Taylor, completing the work that so many individuals throughout the state participated in and helped make possible. This was a huge undertaking and everyone involved in the process should be very proud of this achievement. To my knowledge no one else nationally has been successful with a statewide effort such as this; front line staff providing the information to help make decisions that will benefit our library patrons. It was not the legislature or government officials deciding on best courses of action, it was those of us in the library community.

Upon receiving the report, COLAND (the Council on Library and Network Development) has been informed that the Superintendent would like for there to be one final round of comments and has asked that several listening sessions be held across the state. COLAND is setting up four in-person listening sessions, to be held regionally throughout the state. The four sites and dates, as well as a link to the final report, can be found on the COLAND page here. One call in session for those unable to make it to one of the regional sessions will be scheduled and announced later in the process. I would encourage anyone with comments about the report to attend one of those meetings and provide feedback. COLAND will then compile and share feedback with the Superintendent.
Thank you again to all who have participated in this project, and to the future implementation of ideas that will further support and strengthen the programs, services and resources that Wisconsin’s public libraries provide to their patrons.

Bryan J. McCormick



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