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Introducing the Library Services Team!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The two library teams at DPI have consolidated to become the Library Services Team. This team incorporates all staff members from the former Public Library Development and Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning teams. Ben Miller was hired as the new director of this unified team at the end of 2020.

The reorganization of the team and its work is a major change in the history of statewide service and support for school libraries, public libraries, and regional library systems.The two teams collaborated frequently in the past. When work shifted to virtual almost a year ago, the opportunity to engage more deeply between our two teams became clear. As a result, we are learning we can do more together than we could as two distinct teams. For example, the Public Library System Redesign Professional Learning recommendation workgroup found that combining consulting experience with technical expertise allowed for a more holistic vision of what software solutions to implement as well as the collaborative steps needed to achieve that vision.

The Library Services Team is still in the process of reorganizing and establishing shared purpose and priorities. Our work depends on strong relationships with library workers on all levels; conversations with our stakeholders working in libraries, schools, and systems throughout the state will strengthen those relationships and further refine team purpose and priorities. Work is already happening to reorganize the website and hire vacant positions.

The Wisconsin library community can expect the same great service it has always gotten from DPI as the state library agency. As the team continues to work together and grow, we hope to find new ways to serve the Wisconsin library community and patrons throughout the state.

Written by:

Ben Miller
Library Services Team



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