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Michael Dennison Joins Public Library Development Team

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


It is my honor to announce that the newest member of the public library development team has joined our team, as of today.

Michael Dennison joins Public Library Development from the Title I and School Support Team within the Department of Public Instruction. This is very beneficial to us, as he has extensive knowledge and experience in federal and state grant reporting and has served the agency as a grants specialist. In addition—and new to this position—Michael is taking courses that are part of the Master’s Degree program in Library & Information Science from UW-Madison. This added expertise, along with his status as a library consultant, allows the team to consolidate services provided to library systems regarding federal and state compliance issues that were historically divided among other members of the team.

Wisconsin’s public library community benefits by having this new DPI consultant-- well versed in data, finance, compliance, and library issues-- as the point of contact for reporting data as required by law and in other compliance capacities, and also as a resource for using data to communicate the relevance of Wisconsin’s public libraries to stakeholders.

You will see Michael’s name, contact information, and ideas reflected on the public library development team’s communications and resources. When you do, feel free to welcome him to our community.

In addition to his excellent technical qualifications, Michael also brings experience in hospitality, marketing, and graphic design to the table. An avid motorcyclist, Michael lives in Madison with his wife and two beagles.

Submitted by Shannon Schultz, Public Library Development Team


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