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Preparing for Holidays and Closures Using WISCAT's Holiday List Feature

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Over the summer, many libraries using WISCAT for interlibrary loan may need to suspend service briefly -- if your academic library will be closed for renovations, if your school library closes over the summer, if your ILL staff will be on vacation, etc.  Make sure to use your Holiday List in your library's Participant Record to indicate your library's temporary inability to lend.  This way, requests won't go to your library when you're unable to fill them, and they can move on to the next possible lender without intervention from you.  If on an extended holiday, for example, a school library closing over the summer, be sure to stop lending early enough to allow loaned materials to be returned while staff is available to update the returned materials.

To update your Participant Record with a “Holiday,” log in to WISCAT and do the following:

• Click Staff Dashboard to access the administrative modules
• Under the ILL Admin menu choose Maintain Participant Record
• Click the Holiday List link at the top of the page or scroll down to that section in the record
• Enter the Start and End dates using the format MM/DD/YYYY
• Click the Submit button at the top right or bottom right of the record

Holiday List feature in WISCAT

The suspension of lending will automatically be removed when the End Date you entered in the Holiday List has passed. Note that the Holiday List does not affect borrowing, only lending. If you have patron-initiated borrowing set up,  patrons may still submit requests during your "holiday" that will remain in Awaiting Approval until your return.

If you have questions, please contact WISCAT staff at

Written by Gail Murray, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning


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