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Wisconsin School Meals Rock! is a multimedia campaign to communicate with families and the broader school community about the healthfulness of school meals. Check out the video below from State Superintendent Tony Evers that highlights the importance of schools meals.

Video Message from State Superintendent Tony Evers

School breakfast and lunch help students to be healthy and successful, and they're affordable and convenient for parents. 

But did you know that these days, a lot of schools are taking meals to the next level?

Exciting Times for School Meals

Almost half of Wisconsin school districts now buy locally grown foods (it’s called the “Farm to School” movement). Sometimes they even produce their own ingredients, at school gardens where students may also learn to grow food. Many schools are holding free taste-testings for students — yes, kids actually end up liking exotic vegetables and fruits! Some districts actually hire executive chefs to create nutritious recipes that put smiles on young faces.

And let's not forget that taking the extra effort to teach lifelong healthy habits will create smiles for far longer than just that first bite.

These positive practices are especially powerful given today's increased requirements around food served to children in school — so we'll be sharing more of them right here. Check back often! 

The Cafeteria is a Lifesaver, and a Learning Lab

A hungry child can’t learn, today. And a child without healthy eating habits may not succeed, tomorrow. 

Every child in Wisconsin deserves the chance to fuel the body with nutritious food. How do we help them make the most of this opportunity?