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Wisconsin Writes Stories

Wisconsin Writes provides a glimpse into example writing processes of Wisconsin writers from a variety of contexts.

K.W. Penndorf

Wisconsin teacher and writer, K.W. Penndorf shares a glimpse into what it is like to research and write for a nine book series. She talks about why...

Eric Schlehlein

 Coming off of the debut of his first historical novel, Eric Schlehlein shares part of his writing process as he works through drafting his second...

Susan Apps-Bodilly

Wisconsin teacher and writer, Susan Apps-Bodilly shares ideas for many different writing projects, including figuring out how to write children’s...

Wisconsin Writes Screening

The Wisconsin Writes “screening” features various clips from Wisconsin writers, including New York Times best-selling authors, poets, artists, and...

Writers Must Read

When sitting down for interviews, Wisconsin Writers were asked to give the best advice they had about how to become a better writer. Their response?...

Jerry Apps

Wisconsin author, storyteller, and historian Jerry Apps, shares how he became interested in writing and shares a glimpse into part of his writing...

P.C. Hodgell

Fantasy author P.C. Hodgell shares part of her writing process while working on the eighth book in her series. She explains how she got started...

Jennifer Van Haaften and Moy Ahmad

Co-authors Jennifer Van Haaften and Moy Ahmad provide a glimpse into their collaborative writing process as they revise their latest manuscript. They...

Jen Zettel

Education reporter, Jen Zettel, shares her journey into her reporting career and describes the importance of always being prepared. She shares part...


Former Madison Poet Laureate, Fabu, talks about why she started writing and how she found poetry as a writer. Watch as she starts a new poem in...