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Overall Composite Proficiency Level Score

ACCESS for ELLs Overall Composite Proficiency Level Score (Prior Year): WISEdata Calculated Field

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The ACCESS for ELLs Overall Composite Proficiency Level Score is a calculated field in WISEdata and is also known as the Overall Composite Proficiency Level. It represents the prior year ACCESS for ELLs score used to determine a student’s current year English Language Proficiency code (ELP code). The ACCESS for ELLs test is the DPI-approved ELP test, and the results are provided to DPI each year by the ELP testing vendor.

Note: Because the Overall Composite Proficiency Level is determined by the ACCESS for ELLs test, it can not be altered directly by the district. Only the English Language Proficiency code (ELP code) can be updated in your SIS and sent through to WISEdata.

Students who are English Learners (ELs) (ELP code 1-­5) must take the ACCESS for ELLs® assessment every winter. ACCESS for ELLs® produces an Overall Composite Proficiency Level Score with a single decimal place (e.g., 3.7), and this score is uploaded into WISEdata by DPI during the following summer.

Once the Overall Composite Proficiency Level Scores for the prior year are uploaded, WISEdata will compare that value to the current ELP code submitted for each student. If the two values do not align, WISEdata generates a validation message indicating a mismatch, which can be found in the WISEdata Portal. These validations will run between July and the end of March. If errors or unacknowledged warnings exist prior to the Third Friday of September snapshot, DPI will reach out to your district for clarification.


The following table describes the valid combinations of the prior year Overall Composite Proficiency Level Scores and current year English Language Proficiency codes (ELP codes). There are some exceptions because districts have discretion to continue to identify students as English Learners (ELs) even if their ACCESS test score indicates the student should become a former EL. See the Title III/Bilingual page on EL Identification and Placement, specifically the EL Policy Handbook for more information.

Overall Composite Proficiency Level (Prior Year) 1.0-1.9 2.0-2.9 3.0-3.9 4.0-4.4 4.5-4.9 5.0-5.9 6
ELP Code (Current Year) 1 2 3 4 4 or 6 6 6


USES: English Language Proficiency Code (ELP code) is used for disaggregated reporting, WSAS status, Title III, acquisition of English proficiency, and the (115.96) Annual Census of Limited English Proficient Students.

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6379, 6777, 6778, 6779, 6780, 6781, 6782, English Language Proficiency                                                                                            

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ACCESS for ELLs® Scores: Districts are given a window of time for data corrections with the ACCESS for ELLs vendor. If they did not make corrections during that time period, the reports will not be changed. If they did, users should be able to download corrected data and reports from the vendor portal, and those updates are included in the official data file that is transmitted to DPI from the ACCESS for ELLs vendor. The district's SIS pushes their ELP codes to WISEdata nightly. It’s up to the district to set the ELP codes in the SIS based on the prior year test record (regardless if the test was administered within or outside of the district).


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