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Internet Access in Residence

Internet Access in Residence: Digital Equity

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This data element records whether a student has access to the Internet in their primary residence. Collecting whether students have Internet access at home is part of the digital equity collection, which is intended to collect data to help address inequity in Internet access and virtual learning capabilities.

The question for this data element on the Digital Equity Survey is:

Can the student access the Internet on their primary learning device at home?

Digital Equity Survey Answer Options

Submitted Response


True (Yes) Student has Internet access in their primary residence.
False (No)

Student does not have Internet access in their primary residence either because:

  • an Internet connection is not available where they live.
  • an Internet connection is not affordable.
  • or a reason other than availability or affordability.
Null Response was left blank.

USES: This data element is part of the digital equity collection which is intended to identify statewide needs to address the divide in digital access for students.



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