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Count Inclusion: October 1 Child Count

October 1 Child Count Inclusion: WISEdata Calculated Field

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Count Date Inclusion denotes whether a student is enrolled and receiving services to be eligible for credit on the count date. 

October 1 (public schools only): For the October 1 Child Count, the student must be  receiving special education services under an active IEP or ISP, and the student must be assigned to a valid grade for his or her school to be included. The student's special education program association (sSEPA) record must also cover the count date. Effective Dates will be used to determine enrollment in the case of overlapping records. Additionally, the student must be between the ages of 3-21 on the count date and IDEA eligible.  

Count Date Status Code Description and Comments
Yes Y

Student's enrollment and sSEPA records include the count date AND 

  • age on count date is greater than or equal to three years old
  • age on count date is under or equal to 21 years old
  • student is marked as Present or Absent for Receiving Services on Oct. 1 count date
  • student must be assigned to a valid grade for his or her school
  • student is receiving Special Education services under an active IEP or ISP from the school
  • enrollment record is active
  • student is IDEA eligible
  • public district submission on sSEPA
No N

Student's enrollment is active and includes the count date AND ONE of the following must be true:

  • sSEPA period does not include the count date OR
  • school association (sSA) Effective Dates do not cover the count date OR
  • age on count date is under three OR
  • age on count date is over 21
  • Receiving Services value is No or missing
  • student is not receiving special education services from the school/district
  • student is not IDEA eligible
  • Choice school submission
Null (Blank)

Student's enrollment does not include the count date.

*Note that the October 1 Child Count is NOT gathered from Choice schools.

USES: Count Date Inclusion is used to determine enrollment and attendance information.

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October 1 Child Count     *Note, all data elements flow into WISEdata at all times, not only during specified collection snapshots.                                                                                                                                                                  

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FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. When the Count Date Falls on a Weekend: For a child to count for the October 1 Child Count, the student must have been enrolled on Oct. 1 in the school wishing to count the student. The key is the span of the enrollment from entry date to exit date and whether or not the span includes Oct. 1. If the student isn’t enrolled on Oct. 1, the child cannot be counted. If October 1 falls on a weekend, the Friday or Monday surrounding the Oct. 1 weekend date may have been used to determine the value of Present versus Absent for Receiving Services, but that has no impact on the requirement for the sSA to include Oct.1.

    • If the student is continuously enrolled within the same district but is merely switching schools over the Oct. 1 CC weekend, the Effective Date logic would truncate the enrollment of the first school the day prior to starting the active enrollment at the new school. Then the second school would mark the student as receiving services for Oct. 1. The first school would not be able to receive credit because the student’s last day receiving services from the school is now the exit date. Therefore, the student is no longer enrolled at the school on Oct. 1 and cannot be counted. What's crucial is the span of the enrollment from entry date to exit date and if the span includes 10/1.

    • For a student who transfers districts around this time and is receiving services from both districts prior to 10/1, Effective Date logic would also allow the second district to receive credit for Oct. 1. Only the school with the student enrolled on Oct. 1 can count the student. If for some reason the student has any gap of enrollment between transferring districts, even if just over the weekend, no school is able to count the child for the Oct. 1 Child Count.

    • Additionally, if a student’s sSEPA Begin Date is after Oct. 1 because of the weekend, then that student would not be included in the Child Count because the sSEPA does not include Oct.1.

  2. Student Detail Search in WISEdata Portal: WISEdata displays the count inclusion flag and its determinants on the Student Detail Screen. Users will be able to see if the student's count inclusion for the count date is set to Yes, No, or Null (not set). The determining factors listed above in the calculations will also show there with a green checkmark if they satisfy the requirement for count inclusion and a red "no" symbol if they do not. This way it will be clear what data users should review and correct for a student to be included in the count date.

  3. Third Party Special Education Vendor: The October 1 Child Count Receiving Services on a Count Date is not sent to WISEdata from your third party special education vendor (e.g., SEEDS, OASYS) if you have one. The receiving services value is sent from your primary student information system (SIS) vendor (e.g., Skyward, Infinite Campus).  Ensure you enter that value in the proper field in your SIS.



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