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Primary Service Provider

Primary Service Provider

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An identifier indicating whether or not the school submitting the student record to WISEdata is providing the primary educational services for the student OR providing Special Education Services included in an IEP or ISP for a student enrolled at a private school.

This element is expected to be Yes from the school that is providing primary educational services or IEP/ISP services.

Choice Schools:

All Choice school Student Information System (SIS) tools send this information to DPI automatically. There is no direct action a Choice school must take for this data element. Choice schools always report a primary enrollment (primary provider of educational services).

Non-Choice Schools:

A public school providing services to a student through an ISP or Title services will report a non-primary enrollment for the Choice student. 

Code Description/Comments
Yes (Y) School provides the primary educational services for the student.
No (N) School does not provide the primary educational services for the student.

USES: This data element is required for Choice and public schools for student reporting. This identifier helps determine who should be submitting and receiving credit for the student.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1.  For information about enrollment values, please visit the Enrollment Type data element page
  2. For information about PPP enrollment, please visit the Parentally-Placed Private Student Covered by a Service Plan data element page

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