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Program Schedule: WISEdata

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Program Schedule is the schedule of the educational program in which a student is enrolled. While most district educational programs operate on a similar schedule, certain educational programs have significantly different schedules, especially programs for younger students.

NOTE: The Program Schedule field and codes below are valid for WISEdata Count Date Records only if grade level placement is KG or K4.



USES: Program schedule data collected through WISEdata will be used for unofficial Preliminary Membership reporting. The Preliminary Membership Reports will be designed to help districts see the relationships between WISEdata and the PI-1563 and to facilitate local use of WISEdata for PI-1563 purposes. Use of these WISEdata Reports for this purpose will be optional. Districts must continue to submit official head counts as part of the PI-1563 Pupil Count. Program Schedule is also used for early childhood program purposes.

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 *Note, all data elements flow into WISEdata at all times, not only during specified collection snapshots.

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Related Validations & Data Elements

6635, 6636, 6637, Grade Level Placement                                              

FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. Full-Day KG: Full-day KG means the length of the school day for pupils in the first grade of the school operating the KG program.
  2. Outreach Activities: There is a list of potential outreach activities.
  3. K4 Special Education: Four-year old students who are enrolled in a K4 program and also receive Special Education services should be counted in the K4 program. If that student's K4 program includes sufficient outreach activities, the student may be counted in the 524.5+ K4 program. A student's additional Special Education services, however, do not take the place of outreach activities and cannot convert the 437 hour K4 program to one of 524.5 hours. See also s.121.004(7)(cm), Wis. Stats.
  4. Age Five KG: Five-year old students in a half-day KG program may qualify to be counted as full-day KG students if in addition to their KG program they are enrolled in a Special Education instructional program, such as EC, CD, LD, etc.
  5. Special Education Services: Special Education services, such as OT, PT, speech, or vision, are not instructional programs and cannot convert a half-day KG program to a full-day program. For example, a student enrolled in half-day KG who also receives speech services can be counted only in the half-day KG program. Half-day KG program with the addition of Special Education-related services may not be counted as a three, four, or five full-day program.
  6. Information: For more information about minimum scheduled days and hours of direct pupil instruction and, for four-year-old kindergarten, substitution of outreach activities, see s.121.02(1)(f), Wis. Stats.


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