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DPI General Data Request

Enter the information below to submit a general data request for non-confidential public data to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. DPI will review each data request and contact the individual listed in the contact information provided if clarification is needed for the request.

NOTE ! Do not submit any Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) through this form. For a list of SPII examples click here

Any phone number format will do, but include your area code like: 920-555-1212
Describe the non-confidential data you are requesting. Do not enter any Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) in this section.
Data Delivery Date
Enter the date the requested data should be delivered to you (at least 2 weeks from today). DPI will make an effort to meet the requested delivery date. If the data requested merits more time than the date requested, DPI will contact you and provide a date when request can be fulfilled.
To help us determine and prioritize future public data offerings, tell us why public data (i.e. WISEdash Public Portal and downloadable spreadsheets) available on the DPI website cannot be used for this request.
LEA (Local Education Agency)
Select the data level of detail needed to support this request. (multiple selections are allowed) If an individual student can be determined by the level of detail provided, DPI will either redact the data or not provide that level of detail in order to protect the privacy of the individual student.

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