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WISEdash Support - error messages

Is your graph blank or missing data? See the examples.



Data behind the graph is not loading correctly from WISEdash. Graph has yellow background and RED error message.


error query timed out
  • Submit a help ticket with the WEB LINK to the affected screen.


WISEdash starts a "session" for you when you access it. If you have been inactive (not clicking or filtering) while in WISEdash for more than 30 minutes, the application closes your session.


error session expired
  • Hit F5 or REFRESH on your browser window to start a new session.


If you are using a Chrome browser, this message may occur after WISEdash has refreshed its data or portal. This is a common error when Google can't find the requested page or resource.


error network change was detected
  • Click the REFRESH button (circular arrow) to the left of the address bar. You may have to click it a few times. if it still does not load the page, close your browser completely and try again in a few minutes, or try another browser like Internet Explorer, Firebox, or Safari.
  • See official list of common Google Chrome issues