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October 2016

2015 High School Completion Rates

2015 High School Completion Results

Wisconsin had 57,698 students graduate from high school with a regular diploma in 2015, a graduation rate of 88.4 percent. Both state and federal law provide additional time for students to complete their high school education. For the Class of 2014, an additional 1,480 students earned a regular diploma, taking an extra year to do so. For the Class of 2013 cohort, 2,133 students earned a diploma in six years. The 2014-15 six-year graduation rate is 92.1 percent.

March 2016

2015 Badger Exam

ACT Statewide and Badger Results are now Available

Results for the ACT Statewide and Badger Assessments are now available. Badger results include 2014-15 student performance for Grades 3 through 8 in both ELA and Mathematics subject areas while ACT Statewide results include 2014-15 student performance for Grade 11 in ELA, Mathematics and Science. Both sets of results also include student results from the 2014-15 alternate assessment: Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM).

October 2015

2015 ACT Results Wisconsin

ACT participation continues steady increase.

Student participation on the ACT increased from 58.9 percent of 12th-grade enrollment in the 2010-11 school year to 63.4 percent in 2014-15. The overall composite score held steady at 22.1. With virtually all 11th-grade students having taken the ACT this past spring, ACT participation will rise dramatically for the 12th-grade population next year.

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May 2015

2014 grad rates Wisconsin

Graduation rate up, gaps closing.

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September 2014

2014 ACT Participation

ACT Participation Rates Rise.

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May 2014

2013 grad rates Wisconsin

Graduation rates continue to climb.

Wisconsin's statewide graduation rate continued its upward trend, improving 2.3 percentage points between the 2009-10 and 2012-13 school years. The class of 2013 had a graduation rate of 88.0 percent, five-tenths of a point higher than the prior year. The 6-year graduation rate improved nine-tenths of a point from the 2011-12 school year to 2012-13.

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March 2014

WSAS Performance Category (trends)

WSAS public school results.  Continued growth.   

Wisconsin's public school students have shown small, but steady increases over 5 years on reading tests given through the Wisconsin Student Assessment System (WSAS). Results are up 1.1 percentage points from the 2009-10 and 2013-14 school years.

This is the last year for Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examinations (WKCE) in reading and mathematics. Next year, students will take online, adaptive assessments through the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.


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October 2013

WSAS Proficiency by Grade Level

Just published! Statewide test results in mathematics and reading, using Wisconsin's new college and career readiness expectations, show improvement over 5 years for all racial and ethnic groups.


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