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Language Instruction Data Reporting FAQ & Use Cases


  1. How is language instruction data submitted? Language instruction data from public schools is sent to WISEdata as part of a student's school-specific record, the Student Language Instruction Program Association (SLIPA), with dates that determine which program association covers a specific period of time. In school years prior to 2019-20, language instruction data was submitted with a student's course data.
  2. What data elements are collected? Data elements collected as part of a student's language instruction data include:
  3. What assessment score should I use to submit a student's English language proficiency code? In general, submit a student's English language proficiency code based on the prior year's assessment. If a student is a newly-identified English learner, their proficiency code should be based on the current year's assessment, as no prior assessment exists.
  4. What do I need to submit for English learners who are now proficient? English language learners who are now proficient (EL code 6) are monitored for two years on content achievement, but do not receive English language instruction services. Because of this, you do not need to submit the language instruction service or the begin and end dates for these students. Instead:
    • For students in their first or second year of monitoring, submit the student's English language proficiency code (based on the prior year's assessment), the year the assessment was administered, and whether the student is in year 1 or year 2 of monitoring.
    • For students who have completed two years of monitoring, you no longer need to submit a language instruction program association. Continue to submit the student's English language proficiency code as you would for all students. Optionally, if the student is receiving limited English proficiency services beyond the second year of monitoring, such as a Bilingual/ESL program, you can submit that data as a regular program association. For more information about those program associations, refer to the Language Instruction Services data element page.
  5. What do I submit if a parent refuses ELL services for their child? Submit "No ESL - No ESL program available" as the language instruction service.

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