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Exiting Students in Sensitive Cases

Exiting Students in Sensitive Cases

Starting with the 2022-23 school year, a new Exit Code has been made available for situations of a sensitive nature. This new code is "CE" Compassion Exit exit type.

For sensitive cases where a student is abducted and presumed dead, terminally ill and no longer able to receive education services, or removed to an unknown location by ICE, a Compassion Exit process is available to remove the student from the graduation cohort and from dropout rates. A student experiencing any of the three scenarios specifically mentioned may be exited as of the last date of attendance with the exit type "CE" (formerly TNC), for Compassion Exit. This guidance should not be used for runaways or for abducted students presumed to be living.

For students unable to receive educational services for the remainder of the school year due to mental health or addiction treatment and who return for the next school year, your district or school should work with Jeff Perry to determine whether the Compassion Exit is appropriate.

Questions regarding the Compassion Exit process should be directed to Jeff Perry.

More information can be located on the Exit Type data element page.

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