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WISEstaff Guide for New Users

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The WISEstaff data collection facilitates the collection of agency staff demographic and assignment data.  The WISEstaff data is used for multiple purposes and satisfies multiple reporting requirements. This guide is intended to help you navigate the WISEstaff application and ensure your staff data is accurate and ready for the WISEstaff collection.

Logging into WISEstaff

To access the WISEstaff application, you need a WAMS ID and security access to the application. If you already have a WAMS ID, follow the steps in the I Already Have a WAMS ID section. If you do not have a WAMS ID, or if you don't know what a WAMS ID is, follow the steps in the I Don't Have a WAMS ID section.

I Already Have a WAMS ID

To access the WISEstaff application:

  1. Log in to WISEhome using your WAMS ID or a district or agency email account.
  2. On your WISEhome home page, under Identity Management, select WISEstaff to open the application.
    • If you don't see the WISEstaff option in WISEhome, select Request Access at the top of the screen.
    • On the Request Access screen, select your school, enter your job title, and select WISEstaff in the Applications menu. Click Request Access to finish the access request. You will receive an email once your access request has been reviewed and either approved or denied.

I Don't Have a WAMS ID

To log into WISEhome and access the WISEstaff application, you need to sign up for a WAMS ID and request access to the application. To do so:

  1. The first step is to get a WAMS ID. Setting up a WAMS account involves four simple steps:

    1. Go to the WAMS homepage.

    2. Select “Self Registration.”

    3. Provide the required information.

    4. IMPORTANT: When you receive a confirmation email from the WAMS system, follow the link given to log in and verify your account

  2. Next, log into WISEhome using your WAMS ID.

  3. Select Request Access at the top of the screen.

  4. On the Request Access screen, select your school, enter your job title, and select WISEstaff in the Applications menu. Click Request Access to finish the access request. You will receive an email once your access request has been reviewed and either approved or denied.

  5. Once you have access to the WISEstaff application, follow the steps in the I Already Have a WAMS ID section to log into WISEstaff.

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WISEstaff Collection Checklist and Process

To see an overview of the WISEstaff submission process, you can go to the Staff Collection Checklist page. You can see all the necessary steps, and you can see the progress you make as you complete certain tasks. The system will automatically display a green checkmark beside completed tasks or a red No symbol beside tasks still needing work. Some tasks will present a box that you can check yourself when you complete the item.

image of staff collection checklist in WISEstaff

Staff Collection Checklist: Summary of WISEstaff Submission Process

  1. Update and verify your staff data collection contact info. This is important so DPI knows the correct point people to contact for your LEA. See the Update Contact Info section of this tutorial for more information.
  2. Enter and edit WISEids. Generate WISEids for all new staff. Upload Local Person IDs (district staff ID that is NOT SSN) for your staff.
  3. Review assignment code changes. You can find the latest spreadsheet of assignment code changes on the WISEstaff Snapshot page.
  4. Export WISEids for all your staff from the WISEid system for import into your district information systems, by either:
    • Person List by Local Person ID
    • Download Transaction History processing
    • Refer to the Downloads knowledge base article for more on downloading information from WISEid/WISEstaff.
  5. Upload Contract and Assignment data.
  6. Run validation and then complete any necessary correction of staff data issues.
  7. Find Entity IDs for required licensed staff and enter them into WISEstaff files.
  8. Complete Preliminary Certification for ELO License Status reporting review.
  9. Once the audit reports are returned to agencies, review the data quality reports and complete any required follow-up work, such as obtaining new Entity IDs and resolving errors.
  10. Correct errors and run validations until issues are resolved.
  11. Lastly, sign off on the data for final certification before the data snapshot is taken.

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WISEstaff Home Page

The Home page provides a dashboard of metrics that gives the hiring agency its staff data at a glance. Users can hover over the bars in the graphs for specific counts in each category. The same menu of available functions as in WISEid resides on the left-hand side of the dashboard. If there are important news items or announcements, they will be posted on this main page in the top Alerts panel.

image of WISEstaff data quality dashboard

Sections (across the top of the screen)

  • Use the Person Search section to search for or edit a person, as well as report duplicate staff records.
  • In the Message Center, you can communicate with other districts and schools about changes to student and/or staff information.
  • The Manage Staff Data section is for uploading and working with data files.
  • View reports and manage and validate your data in the Reports section.
  • Depending on their role, some users may also have access to the Resources menu.

WISEstaff Admin Menu: Update Contact Info

Contact information for staff working on data can be entered in WISEid and/or WISEstaff, depending on whether the contact person will work exclusively with staff data or also with student data in WISEid. The agency administrator updates the WISEstaff system contact information in the WISEstaff tab Update Contact Info section for the person doing the WISEstaff tab-only work. Note that in some districts the same person may be doing both the work for WISEid and WISEstaff. In that case, make sure to enter the contact person on both the WISEid and WISEstaff tabs for Update Contact Info.

Both Primary and Secondary Contact are required for each agency for both WISEid and WISEstaff and must be updated each year. Use the Edit or Delete icons to the right of the email address to make changes or delete a contact.

Make sure to select the Staff Data check box for anyone doing staff-related work, and the Student Data check box for WISEid work.

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Person Menu: Searching for and Editing Staff

From the Person Search menu, select Person Search/Edit. To start a search, enter information in all or some of the fields on the Person Search/Edit screen and click Search. Note that you are required to enter First Name and Last Name, unless you are searching by WISEid or Local Person ID in the ID field. If you enter a WISEid or Local Person ID in the ID field, you are not required to enter any other search criteria.

image of WISEstaff person search screen

If you search for a WISEid that was deactivated because of merged duplicate WISEids, you will see the results for the active WISEid. For more information on duplicate person records, refer to the WISEid/WISEstaff Home & Person Menu Mini Tutorial.

Search/Edit Fields

Field Description
ID The WISEid or Local Person ID
First Name The person's first name
Middle Name The person's middle name
Last Name The person's last name
Entity ID The person’s ELO Entity ID (not applicable for all persons)
Birth Date The person's birth date, using this format: MM/DD/YYYY
Gender The person's gender
Suffix A suffix to the person's name, if applicable

Once you click Search, you will see a list of results on the Person Search/Edit screen.

image of WISEstaff person search results

Person suggestions will show below your search. Green highlighted boxes match your search criteria as entered. Be very alert to potential matches, so you don’t create a new record when one already exists. It is important to find a match if one exists, so please remember to use maiden names or other names, as appropriate.

You are given the option of creating a new record if no match is found. This procedure is discussed in detail in the WISEid User Guide.

You can click the [+] to expand more summary details or click the WISEid to see the full details about the person. If you click the WISEid link, you will be taken to the person's record where you can edit the demographic data and Local Person ID. If the person has any errors or warnings, the validation messages display at the top of the page. For staff members, you will also be able to edit a great deal of information regarding contracts and assignments. You can also view licensing data and edit or delete the Entity ID. Near the bottom of this screen, you can view two info tables with assignment and contract data.

If want to edit the person's legal name, birth date, gender, or race/ethnicity, you can perform that in WISEid. If the staff member is associated to another district, the demographic update will enter the Change Request process to be approved by the other district(s). For more information about Change Requests, refer to the Change Request section in the WISEid/WISEstaff Home & Person Menu Mini Tutorial.

Report Duplicates

It is possible that duplicate WISEids may be created for the same person. Any duplicates should be reported to DPI for review. To report a duplicate, begin by clicking the Report Duplicates link located under the Person Search menu at the top of the screen.

image of the Report Duplicates screen in WISEstaff

Enter the two WISEids you believe are duplicates. For example, if James Jones, birth date 1/1/2001 has the WISEid 234567, and Jim Jones, birthdate 1/1/2001, has the WISEid 256789, and you believe that both IDs describe the same person, enter both IDs on this screen. The order does not matter.

DPI staff will review the submissions and, if necessary, will merge duplicate records into one. All WISEids will remain valid, but only one will be considered the active WISEid. Subsequent updates may be made only to the active WISEid.

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Upload New Contract and Assignment Files

There are two ways to work with WISEstaff data: manually using the application user interface screens or via a file upload. If desired, you can use a combination of both methods. For example, you can upload your data using a file and later edit the data manually using the application screens.

Copy Forward Files

THIS IS AN OPTIONAL STEP. This functionality is only used by districts that do not generate fresh Contract & Assignment files from their staffing system each year but instead copy the data reported to DPI in previous years as their current year starting point to ensure data consistency.

If you are copying last year’s Contracts and Assignments forward inside the WISEid system, complete the steps in the Copy Forward Files Mini Tutorial. Note that Years of Experience and School Year will automatically increase by 1.

image of the copy staff files screen in WISEstaff

Add Contracts

From a staff person's WISEid screen, you can add contract data. Click the Add Contract button in the upper right corner of the Current Year Contract Details section.

image of current year contract details in WISEstaff

The person’s Current Year Contract Details can now be entered. Note that this contract information applies to the agency you have selected. If your user role grants you access to multiple agencies, remember to have the appropriate agency selected. If the previous year’s contract data has been copied, the contract information will already be displayed. The Reset button can be used to clear all of the Contract Details fields.

Current Year Contract Detail Fields

Field Description
Contract Days User’s selected agency’s number of Contract days for person
Contract Salary User’s selected agency’s number of Contract salary for person in whole dollars
Fringe Benefits User’s selected agency’s Contract fringe benefits in whole dollars for person
Highest Degree User’s selected agency’s Contract Highest Degree of person
District Experience User’s selected agency’s Contract District Experience for person
Total Experience User’s selected agency’s Contract Total Experience for person
Local Use Optional - Used by districts to include local codes, etc., that will assist them in submitting and reviewing information for their agency’s Contracts. Refer to the Local Use data element page for more information.
Local ID A local contract ID for this record. This is a unique field your agency can use for verification purposes to make sure DPI uses the correct local staff contract record.

For instructions on adding a contract, refer to the Add Contract section of the Adding Contracts & Assignments Mini Tutorial. When the information has been entered, click Save or Run Validation.

Current year Contract details are only necessary if the person has assignments that require this information. For information on valid Position Codes and Area Codes of Assignment combinations, refer to the assignment code table accessible from WISEstaff. If you supply information that is NOT required for the person’s assignments, select Clear Non-Required Data.

Add Assignments

From a staff person's WISEid screen, you can add assignment data. Click the Add Assignment button in the upper right corner of the Assignment section.

image of adding an assignment in WISEstaff

Assignment Information Fields

Field Description
Working LEA Four-digit DPI LEA Code with LEA Name
Working School Four-digit DPI School Code with School Name
Position Assignment position’s two digit Position Code with description
Area Four-digit Area Code with assignment description
Local Use Optional field for districts to use for providing additional information for titles when reporting assignments as 99/0000. Refer to the Local Use data element page for more information.
Local Assignment Title Required field an agency uses to include the staff member's local assignment title as it's known at that particular location. It is needed for 99-0000 assignments.
Local Assignment ID A local assignment ID for this record. It’s a unique field your agency can use for verification purposes to make sure DPI uses the correct local staff record.

For instructions on adding an assignment, see the Add Assignment section of the Adding Contracts & Assignments Mini Tutorial.

When the information has been entered, click Save or Run Validation, which means there are no further questions to answer and the information should be saved.

However, when adding an assignment, depending on the position you select, you may also be required to answer several assignment-related questions. You will know you need to answer them if the Assignment-related Questions section opens up on the right-hand side of the Add Assignment page.

Assignment-Related Questions

The questions you see vary dynamically based on position and assignment information entered.

image of assignment related questions in WISEstaff

  1. Enter the FTE for the assignment.
  2. Mark the checkbox(es) for the grade(s) with which the staff member works.
  3. Mark Yes or No for whether or not the staff member on this assignment is a long-term substitute.
  4. Mark Yes or No to denote whether or not the staff member teaches a bilingual education program.
  5. Mark Yes or No for whether or not this assignment is part of an alternative education program.
  6. Mark Yes or No for whether or not the staff member on this assignment is a subcontractor.

A person can have assignments in multiple working LEAs. Click the Plus icon to the left of a position to view details of that position. These are the dynamic assignment question responses and will change depending on the assignment details. To edit an assignment, click the Edit icon located to the left of the red “X” icon. The edit screen is the same as the creation screen. Users can edit assignments only if their selected agency (displayed in the dark blue header of every screen) is the hiring LEA.

An assignment can be deleted by clicking the corresponding red “X” icon.

File Tasks: Upload & Results

If you would like to upload your data to DPI via a .CSV file instead of, or in addition to, manually adding data, you can. DPI suggests running WISEid file uploads once a week to maintain accurate data within WISEid, WISEdata, and WISEstaff. This is recommended for both student and staff person record uploads. Person record uploads are always completed through the WISEid application, while Contract and Assignment uploads needed for the WISEstaff collection can be completed through the WISEstaff application.

  1. For WISEstaff files: from the Manage Staff Data section, select Upload Staff Data.
  2. Use the Upload Request Type drop-down menu to select which type of file you are submitting:
    • Person (Use for requesting WISEids)
    • Contract
    • Assignment
  3. Click the File Selection button specific to your browser and select the file to upload:
    • Choose File (Firefox & Chrome)
    • Browse (Internet Explorer)
  4. Click the blue Upload button.

To review the latest WISEid and WISEstaff detailed file specifications and templates, refer to the File Layouts and Templates page.


Use the Results link to view file uploads types and statuses. Use these results to find the cause of errors and to investigate potential matches that need to be resolved. Note that you must wait for the file to finish processing and show as Completed before you can do so.

Your upload will result in one of three outcomes:

  • There’s an issue with the file layout. An error will display, indicating what’s wrong with the file.
  • The file format is okay, but the application detected a fatal data error. The data error is so severe that the information cannot be uploaded. The application will display these data error(s) for review.
  • The upload was successful. The application will display the Results screen, which is also accessible from the File Tasks menu in the left-hand navigation pane. Note that successfully uploaded data may contain errors that need to be corrected.

For more information, refer to the Results section of the WISEid/WISEstaff File Tasks Menu Mini Tutorial.


Click on the number under the Errors column to view those errors. Depending on the type of upload, you will see an error reporting interface specific to that upload type. If you have many errors, it may be more efficient to open the Results Download file to locate errors.

image of upload errors in WISEstaff

Potential Matches

Once person records have been uploaded, they will go through the match review process. This helps determine if people already have a WISEid and should be linked to that WISEid. Click the number under the Potential Matches column to view the potential matches. You can also select Review Matches from the File Tasks menu.

image of the review matches page in WISEstaff

Select Remove to delete the potential match if it is NOT correct.

Select Review to review a potential match.

For complete instructions on reviewing potential matches, refer to the Review Matches section of the WISEid/WISEstaff File Tasks Menu Mini Tutorial.

Results Download

From the Results screen, click Download next to a person transaction to save a .CSV file to your local computer that contains all the information, including any changes made in the User Interface screens. This file may be used to update or automate changes in your local information system—SIS, HR system, etc.

The Status and Message Text columns in this chart indicate which type of processing transaction each row represents. A single upload transaction may have multiple rows indicating multiple statuses.

Download Transaction History

Download your transaction history by clicking on the link under File Tasks. A .CSV file containing your history will downloaded to your local computer. The Download Transaction History file may be used to update or automate changes in your local information system, SIS, HR system, etc. This is similar to the person results download except that all download types are included. ‘Download transaction history’ is a catchall for anything users wish to pull out of the system. By entering a date range, you may gather all the potential matches resolved in a specific period, gather information on duplicate merges completed by DPI, review record modifications, and more.

For more information on Downloads, download statuses and messages, as well as Download Transaction History specifications, see the WISEid/WISEstaff Downloads knowledge base article.

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Reports and Validations

For a complete list including descriptions of all the available WISEstaff reports and validations, refer to the WISEstaff Reports & Validations Mini Tutorial.

Staff Download by Local Person ID

If the hiring LEA has attached a Local Person ID to a person with a WISEid, the person list will display in the Staff Download by Local Person ID report, in .CSV format. If you attached multiple Local Person IDs to the same person, they will display multiple times – one row per Local Person ID. The .CSV file may take a few seconds to download.

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