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Ed-Fi Integration

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's Ed-Fi integration team initially worked with Student Information System (SIS) vendors. However, Ed-Fi integration also includes other platforms that have data collection requirements for state and federal. Other platforms may include data only vendors that may or may not be integrated with a SIS platform.

The following platforms are relevant systems for Ed-Fi integration for state and federal data collection:

  • Student Information Systems
    • Roster data reporting
  • Special Education (SPED) data vendors
  • Discipline (incident, suspension, expulsion) data vendors
  • Assessment data platforms
  • Career planning platforms

How do I know whether I need Ed-Fi integration for the above list of platforms?

If your staff engage ins state and/or federal data collection and there is manual entry or re-entry of data between systems. If your staff are manually entering data or exporting data from one system and importing it into your main reporting system, you may need Ed-Fi integration. One example is when staff are re-entering data from your assessment platform into your student information system. Another example is when you are submitting a roster file (CSV) to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for your data collection needs.

Ed-Fi integration will save your organization time. Your staff won't have to spend time manually fixing data fields for consistency and uploading it to a system that can collect that data automatically. It will also improve data accuracy and real-time data access.

Learn more by visiting the Ed-Fi Integration page.

You can view a list of vendors who have been 'certified' or are in the process of being certified. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction does not approve or recommend a vendor. We have these types of system integration initiatives because they allow schools, district, and other education organizations to select their platform of choice.

How About OneRoster? Does It Meet Data Collection Need in Wisconsin?

The short answer is no, for data collection needs. This answer is Wisconsin specific.

OneRoster by IMS Global has different use cases than data collection for Wisconsin. OneRoster does not have enough data elements to meet State of Wisconsin and federal data collections needs.

OneRoster integrations allow your LMS to transmit scores, resources, and enrollment from LMS to SIS. OneRoster implementation for your LMS is one major way to achieve an integrated LMS and SIS.

Your SIS maintains information beyond grades and enrollment.

Data Analytics

Not every district in Wisconsin is large enough to have its own data warehouse and analytics team to make decisions based on data. Data collection is not just about a reporting requirement. The Department of Public Instruction creates value and savings for schools in the form of data analytics for schools.

Data collection via the Ed-Fi API integration feeds WISEdata, the Department of Public Instruction's data warehouse group. Analytics data is then available to schools, parents, and communities via the WISEdash portal in a secure and private implementation.