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Get Involved

Top 5 Ways to Get Involved

announcement iconThe success of the WISELearn portal depends on active educator involvement across the state. Help us get the word out and gather feedback by:
  1. Promote WISELearn to your colleagues and stakeholders
  2. Contribute a high-quality resource 
  3. Rate/review contributed resources
  4. Suggest the addition of professional learning materials to the website
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Provide a WISELearn Presentation

Use this Google Presentation as a sample presentation on WISELearn

Note: "Make a Copy" or "Download as" to modify and/or choose a preferred format.

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Share Our Infographics

Use these materials to provide visual communications on the overview of WISELearn and how to get involved.

Spread the Word!

social media icons represented by a computer with various social media buttonsShare your story with colleagues across the state. Help us showcase how WISELearn provides an easily accessible and centralized location for all types of educational resources.

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