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RFP Language - Data Reporting

Applicable systems include SIS (Student Information Systems) and data only (Special Education, Career Planning platforms, Assessment, Discipline, etc) vendors or systems that report data to the state (the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction) and federal government.

The ecosystem of these platforms may vary. Some are standalone and working as a best-of-breed implementation, while others integrate with a SIS.

Since most of these systems involve the handling of data, please refer to the RFP Language Data page. The focus is on interoperability.

If you are a school or district in Wisconsin, data reporting to state and federal is a likely requirement.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction does not recommend a specific vendor. The goal is to allow schools to use their platform of choice to meet their data reporting requirement. That is why the department has invested in Ed-Fi integration. As long as your vendor is "certified" with Ed-Fi API with the department, the vendor system will save you time and money in the area of data reporting.

RFP Language

Data Reporting to State and Federal

  • Has the vendor implemented Ed-Fi integration to allow reporting to the State of Wisconsin's Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction?
    • You can see who is "certified" by reviewing the Vendor WISEdata Status list.
    • "Certified" is in quotes because it's not a formal certification protocol. The department needs to know that the vendor's system has passed certain criteria for reading and posting data to the WISEdata API endpoint.
    • Vendors can find more information about Ed-Fi integration by visiting the WISEdata Ed-Fi integration page.
      • If the vendor has OneRoster integration, a standard by IMS Global, be aware that OneRoster will not meet your needs for state data reporting.