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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Logging In
    • If you had an account before June 2017, your account was transferred over. You are expected to set a new password. You can accomplish this by clicking on Forgot Your Password? Follow the instruction in the email enter a new password.
      • Be sure to verify your account; otherwise your resources might not be published right away.
  2. How do I log in with Google?
    • After you have successfully log in. You can connect your account. Under your profile icon > select Account Settings. This gets you into your profile information. There's a link on the left Connected Accounts.
    • Select your Google account or Pick Google. You will be prompted to enter your Google account and password. Once completed, you longer need to remember your old id and password. Just use Log in with Google next time.
  3. How do I integrate WISELearn with my LMS so that I can search and add resources there?
  4. Why is the Import From Google Docs feature not working?
  5. Why does my content have odd formatting? 
    • Copying/pasting from other sources into WISELearn sometimes results in odd formatting.  We recommend not copying/pasting your text.
  6. Can I prevent students from viewing the uploaded files (e.g. answer keys)?
    • All shared files are openly accessible.  Consider whether the (usually small) risk of student discovery is prohibitive.  If it's vital that students not be able to access items, we recommend not contributing them.
  7. How do I ask the WISELearn team to reconsider a resource I found in the repository?
    1. You can complete the web form for a reconsideration of a resource.
    2. You can read more about our reconsideration policy (coming soon).
For questions about this information, contact Sam Kong (608) 267-7859