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Educator Licensing Online (ELO) will be down from midnight until 10am on July 1, 2016, in order to perform fiscal year-end maintenance on the system.

Please note:  When you submit a complete and accurate renewal application before June 30th of the year in which your license expires, Wis. Stat. 227.51 (2) provides that your existing license does not expire until the DPI completes the processing of your renewal application.

Talent Development Framework
Please join us at the upcoming regional meetings for the Wisconsin Talent Development Framework to review data on educator shortage areas and help identify strategies to address these strategies.  For more information and links to register to attend a meeting at your CESA, please visit http://dpi.wi.gov/tepdl/programs/talent-development-framework.

2015 Legislative Changes
Changes and additions were made to licensure requirements and processes as part of the 2015 state budget (2015 Act 55).  The DPI is working to understand the changes and create new procedures to implement the legislation.  More detailed information and guidance will be posted as soon as possible. Updates will be posted on our website and the TEPDL blog (http://dpiwis-tepdl.blogspot.com/)

  • We are now accepting applications for the Experienced-based License in Technical and Vocational Education Subjects.  Please go to its pathway page for information and directions on how to apply.
  • Teachers and administrators who hold a valid license in good standing from another state, have at least one year of experience under that license, and have an offer of employment from a school in Wisconsin can now apply through our License Based on Reciprocity Pathway.
  • We are now accepting applications for the Montessori teacher license.  For more information, please see http://dpi.wi.gov/tepdl/pathways/montessori.  

Note: We can no longer accept license applications for the 2014-2015 school year.  

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