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Wisconsin Public School Observance Days

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2021-22 School Year Observance Days


Wisconsin's 21 special observance days are part of state statutes governing general school operations (Wis. Stat. sec. 118.02). Federal law has moved the celebration of many legal holidays to Monday, however, state law recommends that each Wisconsin Special Observance Day be held on the day itself. When an observance day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it should be observed on the preceding Friday or the following Monday.

Honoring observance days can teach the elements of tradition that preserve U.S. society and foster an awareness of our cultural heritage. Observance days can be part of a rich social studies curriculum that gives these individuals and events proper emphasis, both in the context of Wisconsin and U.S. history and in relation to their effect on or improvement of our political, economic, and social institutions.

Arbor Day - 2020

The Arbor Day movement began in the 1800s to promote conservation and beautification of the environment. Arbor Day is a Wisconsin School Observance Day and national observance day to encourage people to plant and care for trees. Observed in...