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Culturally Responsive Education

Students bring strengths and experiences to learning

Every student learns. We recognize that students come to school bringing a variety of cultures, learning strengths, background knowledge, and experiences. However, every student’s unique personal history enriches classrooms, schools, and the community. This diversity is our greatest education asset. We foster this diversity through culturally responsive standards, instruction, and assessment.

Providing a culturally responsive environment in the classroom is important in building the bridge between home culture and school culture. Making sure all students can succeed means understanding students’ cultural beliefs and practices. By engaging in Culturally Responsive Practices, you are forming an understanding about the values, beliefs, and behaviors of people from cultures that may be different from your own. Culturally responsive practices account for and adapt to the broad diversity of race, language, and culture in Wisconsin schools and prepare all students for a multicultural world.

Additional Resources for Culturally Responsive Education

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