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News Feeds (RSS)

You can subscribe to a webpage's news feed to get automatic updates when something new is posted, instead of having to visit the page repeatedly. Also known as Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, it is a free service. How Do I Get Started?

Some pages on the DPI website have an RSS feed that is automatically generated, which you can find by adding /feed.xml to the end of the web address in question, as in the top two examples below. 

Available Feeds

General News and Information


Education e-newsletter from
State Superintendent Jill Underly rss icon

News Releases

Major news about DPI initiatives rss icon

How Do I Get Started?

Decide on a news reader (RSS reader) to view your feeds. Your e-mail program or favorite Internet portal may already include one.

You can also search the Web to find one of the RSS readers that are free for download.

Next, copy the URL/address/shortcut of the feed that interests you into your reader (Depending on which Internet browser you are using, you may also be able to click on the links above and follow the instructions to subscribe.).



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