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Educators Become Eligible for Vaccinations March 1

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dear District Administrators,

Educators Become Eligible for Vaccinations March 1

The Department of Health Services (DHS) intends to move forward to the next eligible individuals for COVID vaccination on March 1, 2021. Districts that have established plans with vaccinators may be asked to provide vaccinators with numbers of vaccines needed. Vaccinators presently place orders with DHS via a survey on a biweekly basis. Vaccine requests for the weeks of March 1 and March 8are currently being collected from vaccine providers. The next opportunity for providers to order vaccine for subsequent weeks will be on the survey sent out March 1.

The supply of vaccine remains extremely limited. DHS anticipates it may take 2-3 months to vaccinate the next eligible individuals. While educators and child care workers and those vaccinating these populations are prioritized, anyone in this next category (which includes some essential workers, people in congregate care, etc.) may be vaccinated after March 1.

DPI and DHS encourage school districts to work with their local and tribal health departments in arranging for vaccinations for their staff. DPI provides these two resources for school districts Vaccination for Educators Planning Check list and Logistical Considerations for Hosting COVID Vaccination Clinics Onsite. An additional guidance document for vaccinators of newly eligible populations will be released by DHS shortly.

Due to limited vaccine, DHS also encourage school districts to communicate with their staff the reality of the timeline and need for patience.