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Updated final secure report cards available in SAFE; Public release on 11/15/2022

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Dear District and Choice Administrators,

In preparation for Tuesday’s (November 15) public release of final School and District Report Cards for 2021-22, updated final secure report cards are now available in SAFE.

Please note that these report cards are secure. The secure report cards contain unredacted data, and should not be shared publicly, in any setting. The secure versions in SAFE are meant to be used by school and district staff to inform your local school improvement planning efforts, and to prepare your local message in advance of the public release. The most up-to-date report cards say “Final secure report” in the header. The public report cards will be released on November 15, accompanied by a DPI news release.

The updated report cards reflect any data changes resulting from an inquiry with the Office of Educational Accountability. Your score could have changed even if your school/district did not complete an inquiry with DPI due to system-wide updates. As always, we encourage a close review of supplemental data for every report card.

There are also publicly available resources to support your preparations:

  • Sample parent letters, a report card guide, and more technical walk-throughs of the report card calculations.
  • Optional template for you to customize into a local report card, a place to provide additional information about accomplishments, opportunities, and outcomes in your school and district.

In addition, downloadable files that include redacted report card data included in the overall score for all schools or districts in the state will be available as part of the public release in the Report Cards app.

 As a final reminder, secure report card data is unredacted and should not be made publicly available.

DPI will issue a news release as part of next Tuesday’s public release of 2021-22 report cards, to be available early on Tuesday morning on this News Releases page. This will signal that the final report cards are posted.

I want to thank you for the careful attention paid to the preliminary secure release and the thoughtful questions and helpful comments we have received. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Educational Accountability.

John W. Johnson, PhD
Deputy State Superintendent