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Online, Blended, and Digitally Rich Learning Resources

Monday, August 9, 2021

As we begin the 2021-22 school year, it is important to have resources and tools to support great teaching and to enhance the educational learning experiences of all students. The Institute for Personalized Learning out of CESA 1 has curated coursework to support professional learning for teachers and administrators. These courses are designed to help prepare for teaching and supporting online, blended, and digitally rich learning opportunities in and out of schools. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has worked alongside the Institute to create a webpage with tools and resources to support the professional learning done in the coursework.

The DPI resource webpage includes supporting materials that can be leveraged while navigating the Institute coursework or can be used to support teaching on their own. These tools and resources are aligned to the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching (NSQOL) and include supporting information and documents for everything from engagement to digital pedagogy to diverse instruction and assessment in an online/blended/digitally rich environment. These resources are available on-demand and are designed for educators to build their capacity to meet the dynamic needs of each learner in online, blended, and digitally rich learning environments. The NSQOL standards also connect to support around coaching in the Educator Effectiveness program for both teachers and administrators as they create and provide blended and virtual educational experiences. Great resources to align with the incredible work already happening in your districts!

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