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I'm Ready

With the help of their public schools, these inspiring students are prepared for their next steps toward college and career!

Meet Connor from Menasha

How do you go from disengaged in school to planning your postsecondary studies in 3 years? Here’s how it went for Connor Scherg in the Appleton Area School District.


Meet Isaiah from Cedarburg

Is having both vision and hearing loss an insurmountable challenge? No way. Definitely not for Isaiah Buhrke in the Cedarburg School District.


Meet Xochil from Madison

If you think school is too hard, and your friends don't care about it, why would you try? See what made the difference for Xochil Rios-Castro in the Madison Metropolitan School District.


Meet Sydney from Seymour

Growing up in a small community, with parents who never went to college, how do you achieve confidence in your own success? Just ask Sydney Wilcox in the Seymour School District.