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November 2019...already?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

I have absolutely no clue how it is already November.  

I think we all say something similar, right? There's always so much to do and never enough time, and time really does seem to fly by faster the older you get.  The last two years are a blur to me - I have told many people that I have not felt caught up at work since we started writing standards two years ago this month.  Most of this is my own fault - I have the honor of a job that I love, and I would say some 85% of it involves projects of my own choosing. I LOVE helping educators, and I have been so excited about all the projects!  

Do all the things memeThere are a number of things that I'll be finishing up in the next few weeks - mostly things that you've probably seen in draft format, but they need to be made prettier, branded with DPI colors and logos, etc.  These include the American Indian Studies Enduring Understandings, the content appendices, and the WI Social Studies Suggested K-5 Scope and Sequence.  I also want to pull some info from summer Bootcamps for people to be able to use, and there are resources from fall presentations that may help educators as they work on aligning curriculum to the new standards. 

Then there's the "2019-20 school year" list.  Funny, because it's November.  A lot this year will focus on elementary, but there will also be other ties to the standards as well.  So I'll have a new Year 2 Rollout calendar set by the end of November.  We've also figured out on this end what I need to do to be able to record webinars for you, as a LOT of educators have said the webinars were very helpful.

And being November, it's just around the corner that I'll be planning Summer 2020 Bootcamps.  Crazy!