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Get to Know the RPIC Project



Project Vision: Each and every learner will thrive in welcoming and inclusive learning communities.

Project Mission: Support districts to strategically implement and sustain inclusive learning communities by providing funding, quality resources, training and coaching support.

Each district will receive funding, high quality evidence-based professional development, and coaching support to establish professional learning communities (PLCs) as the framework for implementation of the research based innovation of Inclusive Learning Communities (ILC). This will be accomplished by meeting the two project objectives:

Project Objectives:

1. Districts will use the PLC framework to install and develop internal teams that support both internal and external partnerships ensuring a consistent approach for collaborative decision making that will lead to improved outcomes for each and every student (read more about this objective in our Logic Model ).

2. Districts will ensure that educational environments are accessible, inclusive, and equitable for each and every student, by implementing sustainable ILC teams across all age bands leading to improved outcomes for each and every student, with measurable improvement for students from underperforming subgroups (read more about this objective in our Logic Model).