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Meet the Coaches

Meet Our Coaches

The RPIC coaching cohort has become a robust statewide system of support poised to work with districts across the state. The expertise of each coach individually paired with the strengths of the collective group will be leveraged to provide services to the RPIC cohort districts.

Paula Kaiser - CESA 1

Paula Kaiser

Paula is a Professional Development Specialist at CESA 1. At CESA 1, Paula utilizes a wide range of approaches to coach districts and teams through the implementation of Standards-Based Learning and Grading and works with teams to refine processes and procedures for data analysis, data planning, and linking data to continuous improvement using Data Inquiry, State and Federal Accountability and WISEcoaching. Paula also serves as the CESA based Research to Practice Coach focused on coaching teams through the process of systems change for continuous improvement through inclusive practices and professional learning communities along with collaborative teaming processes. Prior to her work with CESA, Paula has served as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and district administrator in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District where she led professional development design and coordination for staff development and school improvement activities.

Steven Mijajlovic - CESA 2

Steven Mijajlovic

Steven Mijajlovic is a Curriculum and Instructional Coaching Consultant with CESA 2. Steven comes to CESA 2 with experience in Mathematics and STEM across all grades. Steven taught mathematics in Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago suburbs, and most recently was working as a STEM Curriculum and Instructional Coach in the Chicago suburbs. Steven’s goal is to continue supporting and developing diverse learners in inclusive settings and improving student learning and success.

Steven earned his Master of Science in Education with a focus in Secondary Mathematics Education at Northwestern University. His research focused on developing student thinking through writing and discourse. Shortly after earning his MSEd, Steven earned a Graduate Certificate in STEM Learning and Leadership from Michigan State University. The MSU graduate fellowship was designed to empower STEM educators in urban K-12 schools to create transformative and innovative instructional experiences for students.

Dave Gluch - CESA 3

Dave Gluch

After spending 6 years as a teacher and 17 as an elementary principal in public education between 1992 and 2015 followed by 3 years in the organic poultry industry, Dave Gluch joined CESA 3 in July of 2018 as the Coordinator of: Educator Effectiveness, WISESupport and the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities Project. During the past 3 years he appreciated and enjoyed working in the agriculture field, but being back in the arena of education with renewed energy has been a tremendous experience. Dave likens his return to education to riding a bike. “All the foundational pieces are still in place, however some of the components have changed, some have remained the same, and some have been replaced by better quality and more efficient products which provide for better balance.” Having started his career at Winskill Elementary in Lancaster, Dave is looking forward to supporting schools in Southwest Wisconsin.

Diane Eickmeier - CESA 4

Diane Eickmeier

Diane Eickmeier CESA 4: I am the Research to Practice for Inclusive Communities Project Coach for CESA#4. My professional career consists of a background in Early Childhood Education, including 24 years of teaching experience in both regular and special education. While in the classroom, I had the opportunity to serve as a mentor and to participate in leadership teams with the intent of moving systems forward with innovative practices that are known to elevate achievement for each and every student. In 2016, my career path took me from classroom Teacher to program support specialist. It is in this capacity that I provide early childhood program support and leadership to school districts to improve outcomes, with a focus on early language and literacy for preschool children with disabilities, through evidence-based and meaningful inclusive practices. I am excited about this opportunity to be part of the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities Project and supporting LEAs in the growth of their sustainable Inclusive Learning Community leading to improved outcomes for all students.

Maggie Trenda - CESA 5

Maggie Trenda

Maggie serves as a Reading/Curriculum Specialist at CESA 5. At CESA 5, she supports teachers and districts to plan and implement best practices and promote equity as literacy is incorporated across the content areas. Prior to her role at CESA 5, she served as a special education teacher for students with learning disabilities before taking on the role of middle school literacy coach. In addition to having her Reading Teacher and Reading Specialist certifications, she earned a Gifted & Talented certification so she could better coach teachers to meet the needs of all learners. Maggie looks forward to supporting districts as they strive to meet the needs of all students through this project.

Becky McMorrow - CESA 6

Becky McMorrow

My name is Becky McMorrow and I serve CESA 6 as an Autism and Related Needs (ARN) consultant. I am extremely excited to be working with the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities grant. As I connect my teaching experiences over the last twenty years with my new role within the coaching community, I hope to serve this project well by making a difference for each and every students I serve. I look forward to this exciting journey together.

Becky Spengler - CESA 7

Becky Spengler

Becky has served several Wisconsin districts in her roles as a Teacher/Director of an Alternative Education High School, serving those students at risk of not graduating, an Elementary Principal, a Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and a Director of Special Education and Pupil Services. Prior to her career in education, Becky worked as a Psychotherapist in Green Bay. In each of these roles, Becky supported her clients, students, teachers, and administrators, in their quest for excellence. Using her unique skill set and experiences in education, paired with her training as a therapist, Becky is a highly skilled practitioner in the art of coaching individuals and teams. In her role as Integration Director for CESA 7, she looks forward to coaching individuals and teams of teachers and administrators, as they work within their cycle of continuous improvement.

Stephanie Feldner - CESA 8

Stephanie Feldner

Stephanie is the Director of Professional Development at CESA 8. Prior to joining the team at CESA, she spent ten years as a building-level administrator and eight years as a classroom teacher. She loves the diversity of her work and finds particular joy in the areas of data and assessment literacy, classroom management, and educator development and support. She is excited about the opportunity to be part of the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities Project so that she can support LEAs in the growth of their Inclusive Learning Community practices which will lead to improved outcomes for ALL students.

Katie Rein - CESA 9

Katie Rein

Katie is an Associate Director of School Improvement Services at CESA 9. Prior to joining the School Improvement team at CESA 9, she was a classroom teacher for 17 years and an Instructional Guide for four years. Katie is excited about the opportunity to be part of the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities project and support districts in this important work.

Amy Carriere - CESA 10

Amy Carriere

Amy Carriere is an inclusion coach who helps districts reflect on and change policies, procedures and practices that promote inclusion of each and every student. Amy Carriere has worked in the field of early childhood special education for 18 years. She brings experience from providing both itinerant and self-contained early childhood special education service along with program support, training and technical assistance to districts, childcares, and head start programs. My commitment in my work is to building the confidence and capacity of others around inclusion strategies.

Theresa Stanley - CESA 11

Theresa Stanley

Theresa has joined CESA #11 as an Educational Consultant with an emphasis on Literacy Support and Coaching. She has her Reading Specialist degree along with a Master's Degree in education. Theresa brings 18 years of educational experience to her coaching collaborations and has been a special education teacher and an elementary classroom teacher. Theresa most recently worked as a K-12 district Reading Specialist before her current employment with CESA 11.

Amanda Trautt - CESA 12

Amanda Trautt

Amanda is an Educational Consultant at CESA #12 who serves schools in Northwestern Wisconsin in the areas of inclusive practices, instructional coaching, safe and healthy schools programming, curriculum & assessment, and systems-based continuous improvement. Prior to her role at CESA #12, Amanda served as a Wisconsin educator, teacher-leader, mentor, and instructional coach. She earned a Master's Degree in teaching and learning, has specialized in RtI and PBIS implementation, and has a strong background in adaptive education. Amanda looks forward to the opportunity to support districts as they strive to reach high levels of achievement for all students through the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities project.