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Meet the Coaches

Meet Our Coaches

The RPIC coaching cohort has become a robust statewide system of support poised to work with districts across the state. The expertise of each coach individually paired with the strengths of the collective group will be leveraged to provide services to the RPIC cohort districts.

Paula Kaiser - CESA 1

Paula Kaiser

Paula is a Professional Development Specialist at CESA 1. At CESA 1, Paula utilizes a wide range of approaches to coach districts and teams through the implementation of Standards-Based Learning and Grading and works with teams to refine processes and procedures for data analysis, data planning, and linking data to continuous improvement using Data Inquiry, State and Federal Accountability and WISEcoaching. Paula also serves as the CESA based Research to Practice Coach focused on coaching teams through the process of systems change for continuous improvement through inclusive practices and professional learning communities along with collaborative teaming processes. Prior to her work with CESA, Paula has served as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and district administrator in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District where she led professional development design and coordination for staff development and school improvement activities.

Kim Stieber-White - CESA 2

Kim Stieber-White

Kim Stieber-White is a curriculum, coaching and digital learning consultant from CESA 2. Prior to this role, she spent 27 years working in Wisconsin schools spanning urban, suburban, and rural settings and including roles as an instructional coach for equitable practices, reading specialist, library media and technology specialist, adjunct instructor, and teacher. Kim earned a Masters in Social Justice Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at UW-Madison, including administrator and curriculum director certifications, and is now a doctoral candidate in educational leadership with a research focus on Literacy and Equity. She works with schools and educators in ELA and social studies curriculum evaluation, adoption and implementation and facilitates learning in culturally responsive pedagogy and social justice education. Kim is excited to partner with school leaders and educators in this important work.

Jen Rasmussen - CESA 4

Jen Rasmussen

During the past 28 years, Jen Rasmussen has been a classroom teacher, Reading Recovery Teacher, Interventionist, and District Literacy Specialist. Currently she is a Literacy Specialist and Instructional Services Director at CESA 4, as well as, an adjunct instructor at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. She provides professional development for teachers and districts, assists districts with establishing a coaching framework, supports instructional coaches, and helps districts strengthen their Professional Learning Communities. Other areas of focus include developing an Equitable Multi-Level System of Support and selecting and implementing high quality instructional materials.

Maggie Trenda - CESA 5

Maggie Trenda

Maggie serves as a Reading/Curriculum Specialist at CESA 5. At CESA 5, she supports teachers and districts to plan and implement best practices and promote equity as literacy is incorporated across the content areas. Prior to her role at CESA 5, she served as a special education teacher for students with learning disabilities before taking on the role of middle school literacy coach. In addition to having her Reading Teacher and Reading Specialist certifications, she earned a Gifted & Talented certification so she could better coach teachers to meet the needs of all learners. Maggie looks forward to supporting districts as they strive to meet the needs of all students through this project.

Rachel Kaderabek - CESA 7

Rachel Kaderabek

Rachel is the Regional Special Education Network Director and Special Education Coordinator at CESA 7. Rachel provides technical support to districts related to Individualized Education Plans. She also provides professional development for teachers and paraprofessionals on a variety of topics. Prior to this role, she worked as an elementary cross-categorical special education teacher and then left the classroom to provide program support and coaching. She started her work with the RPIC project as a district internal coach. She is excited for her role as an external coach for the Research to Practice for Inclusive Communities grant, so that she can continue to grow the capacity of LEA's to implement Inclusive Learning Communities which create opportunities for access, engagement, and progress for ALL students.

Stephanie Feldner - CESA 8

Stephanie Feldner

Stephanie is the Director of Professional Development at CESA 8. Prior to joining the team at CESA, she spent ten years as a building-level administrator and eight years as a classroom teacher. She loves the diversity of her work and finds particular joy in the areas of data and assessment literacy, classroom management, and educator development and support. She is excited about the opportunity to be part of the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities Project so that she can support LEAs in the growth of their Inclusive Learning Community practices which will lead to improved outcomes for ALL students.

April Schofield - CESA 9

April Schofield

April is an Associate Director of Continuous School Improvement at CESA 9. At CESA 9, April coaches districts and teams to build systems for equity through their continuous improvement efforts. Prior to her work with CESA, April was the internal coach for the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities (RPIC) project in the Unified School District of Antigo, where she also served as an instructional coach, literacy specialist, and classroom teacher. She has a Masters of Education in Literacy and in addition to having her Reading Teacher and Reading Specialist certifications, she earned Principal and Director of Instruction certifications, so she could better support the needs of her coaching clients. April is committed to building inclusive communities for students and staff in schools and is passionate about creating opportunities for school staff to come together to investigate and action plan around their problems of practice. She is grateful for the opportunity to support the RPIC project as an external coach, so she can help districts improve outcomes for each and every learner they serve.

Amy Carriere - CESA 10

Amy Carriere

Amy Carriere is an inclusion coach who helps districts reflect on and change policies, procedures and practices that promote inclusion of each and every student. Amy Carriere has worked in the field of early childhood special education for 18 years. She brings experience from providing both itinerant and self-contained early childhood special education service along with program support, training and technical assistance to districts, childcares, and head start programs. My commitment in my work is to building the confidence and capacity of others around inclusion strategies.

Theresa Stanley - CESA 11

Theresa Stanley

Theresa is a CESA #11 Educational Consultant and Reading Specialist with an emphasis on Literacy Support and Coaching. Theresa brings 22 years of educational experience to her coaching collaborations; she has been a special education teacher and a classroom teacher. Theresa's work as a district-wide Reading Specialist allows her to understand school districts with a systems-level approach to education. Theresa believes that coaching is a partnership where teams work together - with students always as the center.

Amanda Trautt - CESA 12

Amanda Trautt

Amanda is an Educational Consultant at CESA #12 who serves schools in Northwestern Wisconsin in the areas of inclusive practices, instructional coaching, safe and healthy schools programming, curriculum & assessment, and systems-based continuous improvement. Prior to her role at CESA #12, Amanda served as a Wisconsin educator, teacher-leader, mentor, and instructional coach. She earned a Master's Degree in teaching and learning, has specialized in RtI and PBIS implementation, and has a strong background in adaptive education. Amanda looks forward to the opportunity to support districts as they strive to reach high levels of achievement for all students through the Research to Practice Inclusive Communities project.