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Continuing Education Opportunities from NEWI

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Guest post by Angela Schneider, Northeastern Wisconsin CE Partnership

SAVE THE DATE! Upcoming Webinars from Wisconsin. Click the event title to learn more and register. You are encouraged to register even if you cannot attend to receive links to recordings when available.

Spring Learning Series: Registration coming soon.

  • Workplace Experiences of Neurodivergent Library Workers - Thursday, April 18 at 12pm
  • Cultivating an Inclusive Workplace for Neurodivergent Staff – Tuesday, May 7 at 1pm

See the Wisconsin Libraries Professional Learning Calendar for conferences and other webinars from in-state.


Visit the NEWI calendar of free webinars to find online continuing education opportunities you may attend from where you are. There’s a lot to choose from, so here’s a sample of topics that may be of interest to you:


Library Advocacy Work is Relationship Building Work: A Panel Discussion – March 15 at 10am

Focus on the Future: The Art of Selling Your Board and Funders on Capacity Building – March 19 at 2pm

Introduction to measuring your impact – March 19 OR April 20 at 2pm

A Higher Purpose: Censorship and Intellectual Freedom Today  - March 27 at 1pm


Begin With a Strong Foundation: Developing a Data Plan – March 7 at 11:30am

Outcomes and Beyond: A 3-Step Approach to Evaluating Program Success – April 16 at 11:00am

Introduction to Data Equity – May 13 at 2:00pm

Financial Forecasting Model for Capital Projects – March 28 at 1pm


Supporting Beginning Readers with TeachingBooks – March 20 at 12pm

Making Accessible Educational Materials Available to Students Who Need Them - March 14 at 9am

Award-Winning Nature Books for Teachers, Children and Families in Your Program! – March 20 at 1pm

Youth Services to Academia - Transitioning Positions within Librarianship – March 20 at 1pm

Community Driven Science Adventure(s) at Your Library this Summer! – March 27 at 2pm


5 Secrets of Email Marketing Geniuses – March 13 at 2pm

Maximizing Impact: Nonprofit Website Planning, Budgeting, and Design – March 19 at 12pm

Designing an Accessible Website Your Patrons Will Love – March 19 at 1pm

10 Tips for a More User-Centric Nonprofit Website – March 25 at 10am

Ready, Set, Present! – March 26 at 1pm


Supporting transgender individuals: A conversation with Ben Greene – March 14 at 1pm

Indigenising the Curriculum: How to Embed Indigenous Knowledge into Library Collections and Why it Matters – March 19 at 3pm

Why Do I Stay in Librarianship? – the DEI Perspective – March 26 at 1pm

Inclusive Survey Design: Crafting Questions for Community Representation – March 27 at 11am

Defending Diversity: The Challenges and Opportunities for DEIA Positions in Libraries – March 27 at 1pm


Winning Grants for Your Library Programming – March 13 at 10am

Start Planning Now (Yes Now!) for Your Library's Annual Giving Campaign -March 19 at 12pm

Get your board fundraising – March 21 at 1pm


Media and Crisis Communications for Trustees & Friends – March 12

Library Boards and Intellectual Freedom: How to Combat Censorship with Your Library Trustees – March 13 at 1pm

Cultivating Adaptability: Normalize Change – March 20 at 1pm

Volunteer Recruitment Pathway from

Recruiting for a Role – March 21 at 1:00pm

Making the Match – April 23rd at 1:00pm

Building Volunteer Relationships Pathway from

Growing the Relationship – April 18 at 1:00pm

When Things Don’t Go as Planned – May 9 at 1:00pm

How to Keep Your Team Engaged – March 25 at 3pm

Cultivating Curiosity: Building a Culture of Learning for Your Team – March 26 at 2pm


Viewing Eclipses Through a Cultural Lens – March 12 at 12pm

10 Free Tools for Researching Your Polish Ancestors – March 19 at 7pm

Public Libraries and Adult Literacy: State of the Field – March 13 at 12pm

Health Programming at Your Library – March 22 at 1pm

Advancing Climate Resilience, Sustainability, and Environmental Justice: A Public and Academic Libraries Partnership in San Diego County  - March 27 at 2pm


Set the Path Forward with Smart Technology Decisions – March 27 at 12pm

What the Research Says - Digital Privacy in Libraries as Digital Literacy – March 27 at 9am


WI Libraries Talk About Race - Winter 2024 Webinars – log in and create a free account to view recordings

· Identity, Burnout, and Vocational Awe

It has been 4 years since the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated just how far employers and vocational awe were willing to push workers— past the edge and beyond. And in our rush back to normalcy, vocational awe has been weaponized against even more library workers. If anything, the pressure to be seen and always available has gotten worse since before the pandemic! And those from marginalized groups bear the brunt of this pressure. How can we as library workers stay sane and prevent the burnout from unrealistic expectations from our library administrators, boards, colleagues, community, and even ourselves? Come and learn from the librarian-scholar who coined the term vocational awe about how to maintain your authentic self at work, while preventing burnout and a total subsumption of self.

· Moving from Allyship to Leadership: Agency, Accountability, and Emotional Intelligence

As organizations continue to build practical knowledge around addressing microaggressions, minimizing implicit bias, and developing allies, it won’t be enough to just create as many allies and champions as possible. Changing entrenched, biased systems and practices requires leadership at every level of an organization. And leadership around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will require more than management skills. As DEI leaders (whatever our organizational role may be), we will be required to build agency for social change among our colleagues and model how to hold ourselves – and others – accountable. This can feel challenging when we are among friends, but even more daunting in a work setting. Using a frame of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), we identify how we’re already showing up as allies – and how we can develop as relational and brave DEI leaders. With an interactive focus, participants will practice having the challenging – and necessary – conversations that mark DEI work.

Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference Recordings

Privacy and Wisconsin Public Libraries Tutorials for Front-Line Staff and for Managers.

UW-Madison iSchool Spring Webinar Series Recordings – access all recordings and slides

  • Library Scavenger Hunts
  • Have Wagon, Will Travel. How Social Work Outreach Changes Lives
  • Transgender and Nonbinary-Affirming Library Practices:
  • From Patron Records to Restrooms (and Beyond)
  • Creating Direction and Action with Continuous Improvement

Past NEWI-sponsored Webinars: Don’t forget to revisit some of our past webinars, including the Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference. Earn 1-1.5 CE hours for each recording. Find links to recordings for on demand viewing on WWWC, Trustee Training, Tech Days, and the Fundraising/Grant series here: Past Events | NEWI: Northeastern Wisconsin CE Partnership (

NEWI is a continuing education (CE) partnership of library systems located in Northeastern Wisconsin. The NEWI website aims to be a central source of CE info for staff working at libraries in four library systems: ManitowocCalumet Library System (MCLS), Nicolet Federated Library System (NFLS), Outagamie Waupaca Library System (OWLS), and Winnefox Library System (WLS).


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