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Curbside service webinar recordings

Monday, May 4, 2020

Last week, DPI hosted a webinar in which four libraries shared their procedures and best practices around curbside service. The recordings and procedural documents are now available to view. To allow easier viewing and ease the strain on bandwidth, each library presentation has been separated into its own video. The question and answer section and additional information from DPI has also been broken out.

As a reminder, the decision to offer curbside library service is a local library decision and this blog post and the accompanying webinar recordings should not be viewed as endorsement or encouragement to provide the service.

Introduction and DPI Information

Introduction of the webinar and an explanation of the Guidelines for Reopening Libraries from DPI Library Administration Consultant Shannon Schultz, and a reminder about keeping track of curbside interactions to best tell the library story of the pandemic response.

Brodhead Public Library

Angela Noel talked about how the Brodhead Public Library in the South Central Library System is offering curbside service. Angela has also shared a graphic they use on Facebook, the document they use for scheduling, and the opening and closing checklist used by staff.

Contact Angela [] if you have specific questions.

Cedarburg Public Library

Linda Pierschalla detailed the procedures followed by the Cedarburg Public Library in the Monarch Library System. Linda has made her procedure documents available with pictures or without pictures.

Contact Linda if you have specific questions.

Spooner Memorial Library

Angie Bodzislaw talked about how curbside service is offered at the Spooner Memorial Library in Northern Waters Library Service. Angie shared their procedures as well as an editable version of their pickup form and a graphic used on their website and social media.

Contact Angie if you have specific questions.

Whitehall Public Library

Amanda Hegge discussed how Whitehall Public Library in the Winding Rivers Library System offers curbside service. Amanda shared the library’s Protocols and Guidelines document.

Contact Amanda if you have specific questions.

Question and Answer

The panelists then answered questions from the audience. Questions ranged from best practices in placing items in a patron’s car to considering privacy implications of curbside service. Not all questions were able to be answered, but unanswered questions are being integrated into FAQs in Guidelines to Reopening Libraries service level documents.

Thanks to all the presenters for sharing what they are doing for curbside service at their libraries!

Upcoming webinar

Please join us for another webinar on the Guidelines for Reopening on Thursday, May 7, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

The webinar will include an overview of the Guidelines, discussion about the library service levels, and a Q & A session driven by the participants. Questions to be answered during the webinar may be added here. Questions can be submitted in chat during the webinar as well, but we cannot guarantee that we will get to them all.

Here’s the attendee link to join the webinar.

Posted by Ben Miller, Division for Libraries and Technology


For questions about this information, contact Ben Miller (608) 224-6168

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