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DPI distributes $15M to Public Libraries

Monday, November 21, 2022

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction announced today the disbursement of $15 million to public library systems throughout the state. The DPI’s Division for Libraries and Technology administers the distribution of State Aid to Public Library Systems according to Wisconsin State Statute.

The state aid is distributed in two installments among the state’s 16 public library systems, who use the funding to provide services to their member libraries. All 381 public libraries in Wisconsin are members of regional public library systems. Library systems are able to tailor their services based on member need, including delivery of items between libraries, resource sharing, technology support, consultation, and more. Because library systems provide these services in an efficient manner, libraries are able to optimize local funding to best meet the local needs of their communities.

The first 2023 Wisconsin Public Library System Aid payment of just over $15 million will be distributed to library systems on or before December 1, 2022. The remainder of the system aid, $5 million, will be sent out on or before April 30, 2023.

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