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Fall Webinar Series on Staff Empowerment

Monday, August 23, 2021

More than ever, library staff need access to tools and resources to feel empowered while at work. Wisconsin Valley Library Service, Northern Waters Library Service, and the Southwest Wisconsin Library System are excited to announce a Fall Webinar Series focusing on Staff Empowerment. The webinars occur on three consecutive Wednesdays (September 22 and 29, October 6) at 1 p.m. They will be recorded and are worth 1 contact hour for library certification.

Compassion Resilience and Anxiety Management During Tough Times
Wednesday, Sept. 22; 1 p.m.

Presented by: David M. Jacobi, PhD, Clinical Director, Rogers Behavioral Health; Hanna Maechtle, InHealth Training Specialist, Rogers Behavioral Health
The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent events of 2020-21 have brought new and unprecedented levels of uncertainty and stress to our personal and professional lives, and to those we serve. Uncertainty can cause stress, worry, and anxiety. A staff member experiencing chronic stress will struggle to care for themselves, let alone people who count on them for help. To better serve their patrons, it is more important than ever for library staff to prioritize their personal and emotional health. This webinar will explore how library staff can help stay resilient.

  • Examine Compassion Resilience techniques and learn how to implement
  • Explore ways to treat anxiety when it has reached its peak
  • Recognize differences between “quick fixes” and long-term solutions in mental health

Hiring in 2021 and Beyond
Wednesday, Sept. 29; 1 p.m.

Presented by: Rachel Arndt, Consultant, RAC
By some estimates, 1 in 4 workers are planning to look for new employment once the threat of the pandemic has subsided. What impact might this have on the library profession? How might interview and hiring methods change? More specifically, what should library managers be asking potential candidates? This webinar will explore how to update job descriptions, edit interview questions, take interview notes, select an employee, and explain why there isn’t a “perfect” library candidate.

  • Learn how to write a library job description
  • Learn how to evaluate applications and select candidates to interview
  • Review best practices for preparing for and conducting interviews
  • Learn how to do reference checks

Best Practices in Volunteer Management
Wednesday, Oct. 6; 1 p.m.

Maggie Rose, PR and Marketing Associate, Barberton Public Library
Have you found yourself coordinating the efforts of unpaid library volunteers? Would you like to start using volunteers to help provide services in your library? Can you “fire” a volunteer? Many libraries would be unable to provide such excellent services to the public without volunteers. Working with volunteers can be tricky, though. What are the best ways to communicate with them? What if they aren’t a good fit for your organization? How can you recruit them? Learn some tips and best practices in this webinar.

  • Learn how to establish a library volunteer recruitment and onboarding program
  • Learn effective communication tips to use with volunteers
  • Identify library services that can be enhanced by volunteer work
  • Explore ways to treat library volunteers with respect and gratitude

Questions about the series should be directed to Jamie Matczak at

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