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Upcoming Free Webinars for November and December

Friday, November 17, 2023

Guest post by Angela Schneider
Visit the NEWI calendar of free webinars to find online continuing education opportunities you may attend from where you are. There’s a lot to choose from, so here’s a sample of topics that may be of interest to you:

Click the event title to learn more and register. You are encouraged to register even if you cannot attend to receive links to recordings when available.


WI Libraries Talk About Race: Understanding and Challenging Implicit Bias in Decision Making

Thursday December 7, 1:00-2:30 pm (Zoom)

Scholars and researchers continue to demonstrate that we all carry implicit bias involving social identities like race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, class, and religion, among others. This unconscious bias can work against an organization’s stated diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals, affecting everything from hiring and promotion decisions to how staff work with patrons, the larger community, and each other. This workshop addresses what we’ve learned, and how we can use this knowledge to challenge implicit bias in all our decisions.

De-escalation and Recovery: Supporting staff on the front lines (sponsored by South Central Library System)

Thursday, December 14, 1:00-2:00 (Zoom)

Over the past several years, studies have begun to reveal significant trauma experienced by staff in public libraries due to aggressive patron behaviors, including verbal abuse, harassment, physical safety concerns, and drug and alcohol issues.

To help address some of the challenges faced by library workers, this workshop will explore concepts of secondary traumatic stress (STS), burnout, and compassion fatigue and identify strategies to manage difficult work dynamics. Resources and tips on de-escalation, setting healthy boundaries, and engaging in ethical practice will be discussed. Finally, ideas on creating a supportive culture will be shared.









January 24 & 25 – 2 days, 4 program tracks, 14 free webinars to watch from anywhere

AT YOUR LEISURE - Pre-recorded webinars to view at your convenience

5-part Law Series from Carol Hassler and Elizabeth Manriquez (from WVLS)

Social Media: Trends and Challenges

Social media for a library is no longer a novelty; it’s part of how most modern-day libraries operate. However, social media as a platform has matured. It’s not the same as it was ten, five, or even one year ago! And it’s not just user demographics that have changed…how and why people use it (or perhaps don’t) have also evolved, and perhaps in some unexpected ways. In an environment that seems to be changing every moment, join social media author Laura Solomon for an in-depth look at what’s happening now with social media and the challenges libraries may have going forward.

Past NEWI-sponsored Webinars: Don’t forget to revisit some of our past webinars, including the Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference. Earn 1-1.5 CE hours for each recording. Find links to recordings for on demand viewing on WWWC, Trustee Training, Tech Days, and the Fundraising/Grant series here: Past Events | NEWI: Northeastern Wisconsin CE Partnership (


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