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Administrative Rules

The Policy, Budget and Research Team is responsible for coordinating the process for proposed changes to DPI administrative rules affecting schools, libraries, and the department. Further information on proposed rules by the agency that are currently in process can be found below.

What is a Rule?

Under Wis. Stat. 227.01 (13), an administrative rule is defined as "a regulation, standard, statement of policy, or general order of general application which has the effect of law and which is issued by an agency to implement, interpret, or make specific legislation enforced or administered by the agency or to govern the organization or procedure of the agency." Rules may be required because of legislation or court decision, or may be modified through an agency's own initiative. However, agencies such as DPI are only permitted to promulgate an administrative rule if they have the statutory authority to do so. Promulgation activity for administrative rules can take 12-14 months to complete and must be conducted in accordance with Wis. Stat. ch. 227.

Proposed DPI Rules

The table below is a list of all rule modifications proposed by the agency that are currently in process. The table is organized by the affected DPI code chapter but may be organized by any of the other columns by clicking on the appropriate column header in the table. The table may be filtered by entering a search term in the search bar at the top of the table. Information on each proposed rule, including any relevant information on pending rules hearings, can be found by clicking on the rule's subject line or by clicking the "+" button next to the corresponding rule to expand the row. Information on each affected code chapter currently in effect can be found by clicking on any item under the affected code chapters column. Information on each promulgation step can be found by clicking on the links provided in the current status column. Finally, individuals that wish to comment on a proposed rule may do so using the links provided in the public comment column.

Key: SS = Scope statement (permanent and/or emergency rule); CR = Clearinghouse Rule (permanent); EmR = Emergency Rule

  SS/CR/EmR Number Rule Subject Affected DPI Code Chapters Current Status Public Comment
  SS 050-22 Educator preparation program and licensing revisions PI 34

Drafting (scope approved 10/4/2022)

Preliminary comment period closed

  SS 020-22 Student teaching equivalency PI 34 Drafting (scope approved 3/24/2022) Preliminary comment period closed

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