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Policy, Budget, and Research Team

Welcome to the Policy, Budget, and Research team home page.

What We Do

The Policy, Budget, and Research (PBR) team performs budget and policy analysis and research, as well as budget, legislative, and federal-state planning functions for the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Responsibilities of the team include: developing DPI's education related budget initiatives and research agenda; coordinating agency policy development; coordinating administrative rules promulgation; analyzing key legislation affecting schools, libraries, and the department; position management throughout the department; and providing technical assistance in management, planning, and resource development.  

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Team Members and Assignments

Erin Fath, Director, (608) 266-2804

Morgan Hau, Budget & Policy Analyst (Position Control & Operations), (608) 264-9559

Sara Kleinman, Administrative Rules Coordinator / Budget Analyst, (608) 266-5514

Grant Huber, Policy Initiatives Advisor / Budget Analyst, (608) 267-2003

Justin Meyer, Research Analyst, (608) 266-5186

Vacant, Research Analyst, (608) 267-9232

PBR Analyst Assignments