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Policy, Budget, and Research Team

Welcome to the Policy, Budget, and Research team home page.

*NEW* DPI's 2023-25 Biennial Budget Request for K-12 School Aids, Building the Educator Pipeline, Public Libraries/Lifelong Learning, and Agency Operations 

(note: corrections to table on p. 7)

Link to budget request document that includes all summary documents and specific B-2 records, generated by the state budget system - Department of Administration (large document - 441 pages).

What We Do

The Policy, Budget, and Research (PBR) team performs budget and policy analysis and research, as well as budget, legislative, and federal-state planning functions. Responsibilities of the team include: developing the agency's education related budget initiatives and research agenda; coordinating agency policy development; analyzing key legislation affecting schools, libraries, and the department; position management throughout the department; and providing technical assistance in management, planning, and resource development. 

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Team Members, Assignments, and E-Mail Addresses:


Erin Fath, Director, (608) 266-2804

Morgan Aschenbrenner, Budget & Policy Analyst (Position Control & Operations), (608) 264-9559

Sara Kleinman, Administrative Rules Coordinator, (608) 266-5514

Carl Frederick, Research Analyst, (608) 267-9232

Grant Huber, Policy Initiatives Advisor, (608) 267-2003

Justin Meyer, Research Analyst, (608) 266-5186