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Research Agenda

In addition to guiding the work done by the research analysts on the Policy and Budget team, the Department of Public Instruction's research agenda is used to evaluate and prioritize resources to support external research projects and confidential data requests. Click here to view DPI's 2018-2019  research agenda.

Wisconsin Education Research Advisory Council (WERAC)

WERAC is a partnership between DPI, the education research community, and practitioners from around Wisconsin to help DPI develop innovative, coordinated and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by Wisconsin's pupils and educators. Click here for more information about WERAC, a list of members and information about past meetings

Research Products Repository

We are currently organizing and tagging research products from our team as well as those done by external partners using Wisconsin data. Check back soon to see the final product. Until then, here is a list of research done using Wisconsin data:

Research reports


  • Berger, Lawrence M, Maria Cancian, Sarah Font, Jennifer L Noyes. 2017. Young Adult Outcomes Associated with Out-of-Home Placement Experiences. Final Report to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (link)
  • Berger, Lawrence M., Maria Cancian, Jennifer L. Noyes, and Vanessa Rios-Salas. What Explains the Relation between Foster Care and Children's Academic Achievement?. Report (link)
  • Goff, Peter, Carl, Bradley, and Yang, Minseok 2018. Supply and demand for public school teachers in Wisconsin (WCER Working Paper No. 2018-2). Retrieved from University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research website: (link)
  • Grodsky, Eric, Yiyue Huangfu, H. Rose Miesener, and Chiara Packard. 2017. Kindergarten Readiness in Wisconsin (WCER Working Paper No. 2017-3). Retrieved from University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research website: (link)
  • Hirschl, Noah, and Christian Michael Smith. 2018. College Attendance among Low-Income Youth: Explaining Differences across Wisconsin High Schools (WCER Working Paper No. 2018-6). Retrieved from University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research website: (link)

Journal articles


  • Bartfeld, Judith S., Lawrence Berger, Fei Men, Yiyu Chen. 2019. "Access to the School Breakfast Program Is Associated with Higher Attendance and Test Scores among Elementary School Students." The Journal of Nutrition 149(2) 336–343. doi: 10.1093/jn/nxy267 (link to abstract)
  • Berger, Lawrence M., Maria Cancian, Eunhee Han, Jennifer L. Noyes, and Vanessa Rios-Salas. 2015. "Children’s Academic Achievement and Foster Care." Pediatrics 135(1): e109-e116. doi:10.1542/peds.2014-2448 (link to article )
    • Supplemental analyses related to this paper by geographic sub-samples (link)
  • Font, Sarah A., Lawrence M. Berger, Maria Cancian, and Jennifer L. Noyes. 2018. “Permanency and the Educational and Economic Attainment of Former Foster Children in Early Adulthood.” American Sociological Review 83(4) 716-743.  doi:10.1177/0003122418781791 (link to abstract)
  • Knowles, Jared E. 2015. "Of Needles and Haystacks: Building an Accurate Statewide Dropout Early Warning System in Wisconsin." Journal of Educational Data Mining 7(3): 18-67. (link to article)
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