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Research Agenda

In addition to guiding the work done by the research analysts on the Policy, Budget, and Research team, the Department of Public Instruction's research agenda is used to evaluate and prioritize resources to support external research projects and confidential data requests. Click here to view DPI's current research agenda.

Wisconsin Education Research Advisory Council (WERAC)

WERAC is a partnership between DPI, the education research community, and practitioners from around Wisconsin to help DPI develop innovative, coordinated and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by Wisconsin's pupils and educators. Click here for more information about WERAC, a list of members and information about past meetings

Research Repositories

Looking for research and/or evidence-based practices to improve student outcomes?

Early Warning Systems

Message from DPI


Early warning dashboard data (DEWS/CCREWS) is no longer available as of 10/12/2023. DPI is evaluating the future of these early warning systems. LEAs should continue to use local data to guide interventions focused on preventing dropouts and ensuring college and career readiness for all students.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provides two early warning systems using calculations made by the Policy, Budget, and Research team:

  1. The Dropout Early Warning System (DEWS) predicts a student’s risk of either dropping out or graduating from high school in more than 4 years.
  2. The College and Career Readiness Early Warning System (CCREWS) predicts whether or not a student is likely to be ready for college and career, with college and career readiness defined by three measures of ACT performance as well as college enrollment.