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College and Career Readiness Early Warning System (CCREWS)

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Message from DPI


Early warning dashboard data (DEWS/CCREWS) is no longer available as of 10/12/2023. DPI is evaluating the future of these early warning systems. LEAs should continue to use local data to guide interventions focused on preventing dropouts and ensuring college and career readiness for all students.


What is CCREWS?

The College and Career Readiness Early Warning System (CCREWS) uses student and school data to make predictions about whether or not students in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 are likely to be ready for college and career. The early identification of students who may not be college and career ready provides schools and districts with the opportunity to provide additional support. This emphasis on college and career readiness aligns with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s mission of every child a graduate, college and career ready.

CCREWS Predictions are Found in WISEdash for Districts

CCREWS predictions can be accessed by authorized school and district staff through WISEdash for Districts.

CCREWS Provides Four Predictions

Being ready for college and career can have different meanings to different students. While many students plan to attend college, others intend to begin a career, start a business, or join the military. Additionally, student plans may change over time. Therefore CCREWS provides multiple measures of college and career readiness so that educators, students, and parents can use the measure or measures that are most applicable. Four predictions are available:

  1. Whether or not a student will meet the college readiness benchmark on three of the four ACT® subjects (English, mathematics, reading, and science)
  2. Whether or not a student will meet the college readiness benchmark on four of the four ACT® subjects
  3. A student’s predicted ACT® composite score
  4. Whether or not a student will enroll in a four-year college degree program in the first fall after high school graduation

How CCREWS Predictions are Produced

CCREWS uses the performance of past students to create predictions for current students with similar characteristics. Characteristics considered include student test scores (Forward Exam), student attendance, student demographics, student mobility, student discipline, school aggregated test scores, school aggregated attendance, school aggregated demographics, school aggregated mobility, school aggregated discipline, and distance from the school to the nearest four-year college.

Wisconsin CCREWS Resources

Preparing students for college and career is critical to ensuring every child is a graduate ready for life after high school. Please make use of these resources, and contact DPI if there are any questions.

College and Career Readiness Resources

Further resources that were not produced by DPI are also available:

How DEWS and CCREWS are Related

The Dropout Early Warning System (DEWS) and CCREWS are related tools. Both tools provide predictions about future student outcomes. DEWS predicts a student’s risk of either dropping out or graduating from high school in more than 4 years while CCREWS identifies students that are likely to not be ready for college and career.

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