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Badger and ACT results available for all schools

Fifth year of choice school data
Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Tom McCarthy, DPI Communications Director, (608) 266-3559

MADISON — Data dashboards with public school- and district-level results from the 2014-15 administration of the Badger, Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), and ACT Plus Writing exams are now available through the WISEdash Public Portal ( Statewide results, which were reported in January, can be found online (ACT and Badger).

“We have opened doors for high school students across the state with the opportunity to take the ACT. The results for the ACT and Badger exams show that advancing the education of all students, especially those from diverse backgrounds and income levels, is a challenge across all grades and sectors,” said State Superintendent Tony Evers. “We want all of our students to graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills for college and career; it’s ‘the ticket’ to a successful future.”

In addition to public school and district data available through WISEdash, Badger and ACT results for schools in the Milwaukee, Racine, and Wisconsin Parental Choice programs can be found online at The 2014-15 school year was the fifth year that Milwaukee Parental Choice School students took the same assessments as public school students. It was the fourth year for state assessments in the Racine Parental Choice Program, and the second year that students in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program took statewide assessments.

Last spring’s Badger Exam was the first and only administration of that test for third- through eighth-grade students in the state’s public schools and for students attending private schools participating in parental choice programs. For the current school year, students in those grades will take the Forward Exam from Data Recognition Corporation later this month. The 2014-15 school year was also the first year that the ACT Plus Writing college admissions exam was administered to all high school juniors to assess their college and career readiness. Assessments through DLM measure the academic progress of students with significant cognitive disabilities in grades three through 11. No private school students participated in DLM assessments.

Because of significant differences between the Badger and DLM exams and the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam and the Wisconsin Alternate Assessment for Students with Disabilities that they replaced, comparisons of results to prior years is not advised. Likewise, because of differences in tested populations — all juniors versus graduates who may have taken the ACT multiple times — comparisons of statewide ACT results for juniors to national and state results for graduating seniors is invalid.

NOTES: A table summarizing Badger & DLM and ACT & DLM results for public and private schools is in the official news release. Data for districts is for all students, which will not match the WISEdash Public Portal because the portal uses data for students enrolled for a full academic year (FAY). Choice data by schools can be found online at

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