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Revised standards continue Wisconsin’s national leadership in personal financial literacy

Standards further support Wisconsin students in being financially responsible
Tuesday, June 30, 2020


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MADISON — State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor today announced the adoption of the newly revised Wisconsin Standards for Personal Financial Literacy, which focus on helping students understand and learn how to make wise financial decisions.
The 2020 Wisconsin Standards for Personal Financial Literacy were developed collaboratively by Wisconsin educators and industry stakeholders from banking and credit union associations. The group used insight from those embedded in the field and public feedback to develop an updated set of standards focused on improving student ability to understand, evaluate, and communicate information about money and financial services.
The updated set of standards includes the financial mindset content area as one of the subject’s six strands — joining education and employment, money management, saving and investing, credit and debt, and risk management and insurance as areas important to the whole of financial literacy. The addition of the financial mindset strand sets Wisconsin apart from other states and national personal financial literacy standards. The content area focuses on life strategies, financial psychology, and digital awareness needed for students to succeed in their financial futures.
Wisconsin Academic Standards serve as goals for teaching and learning and assist educators and stakeholders in understanding, developing, and implementing course offerings and curriculum in school districts across Wisconsin. Standards specify what knowledge and skills Wisconsin students should learn at different grade levels or bands of grades.

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