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Updated physical education standards focus on whole child development

Revised standards provide additional support for Wisconsin students
Tuesday, June 30, 2020


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MADISON — State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor today announced the adoption of newly revised Wisconsin Standards for Physical Education, which further support Wisconsin students through whole child development and focus on their overall well-being.
The 2020 Wisconsin Standards for Physical Education were developed using an equity lens by a group of Wisconsin educators and professionals using feedback from teachers, businesspeople, parents, and citizens. The standards specify what knowledge and skills Wisconsin students should learn at different grade levels or bands of grades in physical education, and serve as goals for teaching and learning.
The updated set of standards align with the Wisconsin Social and Emotional Learning Competencies and bolster social and emotional learning and growth mindset. They give instructors additional flexibility in meeting every students’ individual needs and further encourage the development of motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for mental and emotional health and active, healthy living.
Kindergarten through 8th grade performance indicators are written by grade level in the revised standards, and high school indicators are broken into three levels to meet the 1.5 graduation credit requirement. Performance indicators in aquatics have also been added for schools with access to aquatic facilities.

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